Trying to find a good pair headphones for the best can prove a task. Unless you are looking to buy a high dollar name brand that can afford to set up sample stations in big box stores, you have no real way of knowing the sound and quality. So you take a shot at those $7 earbuds from Walmart and they end up fitting poorly and breaking a month later. Luckily Inateck’s engineers have the solution in its wallet friendly BH1105s that sell for $9.99 on Amazon.


These sleek headphones are in a class that is rare, beautiful and beyond affordable. One glimpse at these and it’s hard not to want to snatch up a pair. The earbuds are made from zebra wood, which aids in creating a full sound, really makes them stand out. Connecting the 3.5mm plug is a four-foot long cord that gives you plenty of movement.

The three different sized tips are made out of a flat black silicon that comes to a smaller point that makes it fit better in the ear. I have never been a fan of in-ear headsets as they typically are very uncomfortable and rarely stay in my ear, but these fit nicely inside my ear and didn’t fall out after a run test.



The way a product looks is one small aspect and as beautiful as the design is the sound it resonates is where it really counts. So how does this headset stack up? I tested these with various types of music including Hip Hop, Rock, Country, and R&B and the sound was amazing. It has a very rich sound where neither the highs or bass overpowers each other. I didn’t really expect too much and it’s always nice to be surprised.

An issue some people have with headphones is when you’re on a train, bus, or in some type of public venue the person next to you is listening to their music and you hear every word. Don’t you just hate that? If you’re listening at a reasonable volume, let’s say 75%, you don’t get that with these. Which is nice for all you undercover Taylor Swift fans.



As a person who is very….let’s say conservative when it comes to buying a headphones, I have bought many budget headphones and I got what I paid for, an uncomfortable, hollow sounding headsets that break within a month. For just $10 these are easily a no brainer pair of headphones to buy. The BH1105s have a high-end luxurious look and sound that makes you feel like you paid top dollar.


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