Great headphones for under $20 seem to be a rarity these days and buying them online seems like a shot in the dark. You don’t really know what you’re going to get. I just reviewed some headphones from Inateck that were some amazing sounding budget headphones. Well, I have another pair from them and this time its the Aries Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones. That’s such a mouth full that we are gonna call it by it’s model number, BH1101, and for $15.99, they didn’t disappoint.

In the Box

  • BH1101 Headphones
  • 3 Silicone Ear Tips
  • Clothing Clip
  • Carrying Case
  • Airline Adapter
  • Instruction Manual



Just like before, Inateck makes some high-end looking headphones. The earbuds are made with an aluminium housing and the backs are topped with dark wood that really makes them pop. The four-and-a-half-foot cord is is wrapped in PU Aluminum Foil that prevents it from getting tangled easily. The package says the color is dark gray, but it looks to have a copperish tone to it, which looks amazing.

The inline microphone is encased in aluminium and has a durable button that answers and ends calls and doubles for play and pause for music. One quarter of the way down from the ear buds is an adjustment slider to snug the wires hanging from your ears up. This keeps things nice and tight. While at the bottom, the 3.5 mm connector is made from the same material as the microphone and earbuds making it tough.

To ensure the best possible fit, they have included three different sizes of ear tips (S,M,L). Made from silicone they are comfortable inside the ear. Although they don’t stay in my ear (if you have read any other headphone review from me, you know this is a problem I have) they don’t fall right out; it takes a little work. Inside the tips, they are color coded to make it easy to find matching pairs.

The case is made from a soft cloth that will ensure the protection of all your pieces and even has a compartment for all the small pieces so they don’t just tumble out when you open it. The overall design makes you feel like you got the better end of the deal.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sound is where it counts. Headphones can be beautiful and still sound crappy. These Hi-Fi headphones seem to focus more on mids and highs. That’s not to say that the bass isn’t there, it’s not just as prevalent. These headphones have a clear and crisp sound. They are great for pop music and podcasts, but you can still enjoy all types of music with them.

Let’s not forget the microphone. Sure it plays music, but that’s only half. I made a few calls, and on both ends, the sound was clear and every word was understandable without any stutters.

One more thing to touch on. People just hate when you blast your music through headphones so loud that they can here it. But Inateck’s headphones are designed so well that you can barely hear anything coming out no matter the volume. It makes being in public more pleasant for everyone.


I consider Inateck a trusted brand in the headphone market. It makes a product that is durable, with high-end style, and an amazing sound that keeps your bank account happy, as well. Add in the clothes clip to keep from the cord catching and an airline adapter all for $15.99 on Amazon and you can’t go wrong!

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