Up for review today we’re taking a look at Jabra’s latest wireless headset, the ROX Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds.

Jabra_RoxWireless_image_viewer_1440x810_04We’ve been very pleased with Jabra’s efforts in the past; their speakers and headphones are some of our favorites. How do these fare? Suffice it to say, it’s another solid outing from the company and one we’ve been recommending to friends and family.

The Jabra Rox come with a number of rubber tips and stabilizers all of which can be mix-and-matched to create the perfect fit. Thanks to the easy snap on tips “Eargels” and rubber “EarWings” it took us all of a few minutes to find out which sizes would work best.

We really enjoyed the magnetic component that allows for us to put the headset to sleep. Simply align the two earbuds and they’ll turn off and conserve power. This is not only helpful, but it’s smart. We can’t count the number of times we’ve pulled headphones or earbuds off and just put them on the counter or hung them up. This way, they’ll power down and be ready when you need them.

rox_earbudsThere’s an in-line volume and power controls, something that we appreciate having in a wireless headset. It makes sense to have the controls here and it feels more natural than something that sits on or behind the ear.

The earbuds don’t come across as being all that “premium” but we can’t knock any of the hardware. Rubber tips are never going to feel like a top quality component but it is easy to feel cheap. That’s certainly not the case here.

Battery life is listed at six hours which was pretty accurate in our testing. Out of habit we tend to charge headphones and accessories as soon as we are finished with them. With that said, we never heard a low battery message or had to charge them up ahead of using them. Between riding a mountain bike, mowing the yard, and some general usage at the park we were able to get more than four hours in without a problem. Charging the headphones is done via a hidden (under left earbud) microUSB port.


The Jabra Rox deliver an impressive sound and range; highs are crisp yet lows are also felt. Because of its design, the earbuds do very well to keep outside noise from interfering with your listening experience. The speakers don’t feel like they are overpowering you or pretending to offer deep, dark sounds. We enjoyed spoken word, electronic music, hip hop, podcasts, and everything else.

Learn more about the Jabra Rox Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds at Jabra’s website. Order a pair through Amazon for $129.99.

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