Everyone has a friend whose face is always in front of their phone. You can usually sniff that person out by going to eat at a restaurant and seeing who pulls their phone out to Instagram their food. Selfies have increased exponentially with apps such as Snapchat, where sending pictures through text messages has become obsolete. Companies like Joby have taken advantage of the selfie game and have come out with accessories to capture the perfect picture. Let me introduce you to Joby’s Griptight POV Kit.


  • Product dimensions: 4 x 6 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 60 grams

The package contains a Griptight POV, universal flash shoe, and an Impulse Bluetooth remote.

c05bf6b3-ee98-49a2-92e0-f60eaa2b27d3The Griptight POV is a portable smartphone mount that is built with a lightweight, plastic design. It will fit most phone sizes using an adjustable locking clamp. The clamp contains a jagged grip to ensure a secure fit on your phone.

61ecf9bd-dab3-4891-bcf7-6c9bb9fa6960This versatile mount has multiple viewing angles that are adjusted with the black screw towards the back. The multiple viewing angles can be achieved by rotating the handgrip, which will rotate 180 degrees. This allows everything from taking a selfie, all the way to a grip that will give you a camera-like feel. The mount can also be angled so that your smartphone will stand up on its own like a tripod.

636f05e3-2697-43f1-a255-7d6b4ce3f6b7Located at the top of Griptight POV is the Impulse Bluetooth remote that can be removed by sliding it out. The remote is paired by long-pressing the Joby button and then pairing it to your phone. This allows you to take a picture by simply pressing the Joby button.

4b76b2b7-fb73-4795-8307-713e868088a9The Griptight POV’s handgrip can be unscrewed and put onto a GoPro mount. You can capture all your action-packed moments by attaching it a wide array of GoPro mounts.


I was under the impression when I first saw the Joby Griptight POV that it was going to be just a portable selfie stick. I was pleasantly surprised at the versatility of this smartphone mount after using it for the past couple of weeks. I must admit the selfie game was pretty strong while I was using the Griptight POV mount. The Bluetooth remote worked effectively, especially when I put the mount in the tripod position to take a picture of my family.

I have a friend who uses a GoPro frequently while skateboarding. I had no trouble hooking it up to the GoPro helmet mount and caught a couple of laughable attempts at my inability to skateboard. I wouldn’t recommend using this for hardcore activities like on a motorcycle. The clamp is tight on the phone but I don’t know how it will hold up when you are flying at 85 miles per hour.

My favorite use for this mount was in the smartphone stand position. My biggest first world problem is having to hold my phone while watching Netflix before I go to bed. My arm gets tired holding the phone up to my face. I’ve tried leaning it against my alarm clock but it falls over all the time. This handy smartphone mount made my first world problems go away by letting me watch my favorite shows hands-free.


The Joby Griptight POV kit is so much more than just a selfie stick. This portable smartphone mount has so many functions, despite its small size. Multiple viewing angles combined with a removable Bluetooth remote ensures that you will always capture the perfect picture. The kit is compatible with GoPro mounts, so you will never miss another action shot. The Griptight POV kit can be found on Joby’s website for only $49.95. With the holidays coming around the corner, make sure your friends have all the right tools for their selfie-obsession.

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