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Justin Power Products

While we like to get external battery packs for our everyday charging needs, often we try to find a particular kind of battery pack, or size, or shape, or function, and we end up landing with an ugly brick-shaped battery that does not fit well in your pocket or purse. Justin Power Products by innovative technology looks to solve this issue by making a variety of different external battery packs to provide for your needs. Here I will be reviewing three of them, the Ultra Slim Power Bank, the Power Bank with Built-In Stand, and the Round Power Stick.

justin power bank with buil-in stand
Justin Power Bank with built-in stand

Power Bank with Built-In Stand

This external battery has a dock built-in, allowing you to stand  up your device while it’s charging so you can watch movies, YouTube videos, or whatever. It has a 6,000 mAh battery, which should charge the average smartphone about twice.

I don’t really use docks (except in my car), but it occurred to me that I could use this one at my new desk job. However, I have outlets at my job, so I had to somewhat force myself to use the battery. This is just personal preference, in saying that I don’t find use for this particular product. However, I could see use for this if you have kids who use your device all the time, putting it down somewhere to charge while they watch a movie.

Nevertheless, the actual battery is great. In a week, it lasted more than 4 days, with each day charging from 40% to 80%. The charge held well, with the level staying the same from one day to the next. Considering it houses a stand and a 6,000 mAh battery, it is not a bad size. However, I would not carry this around in my pocket as it is too bulky, but I don’t think that is what this was designed for. For keeping it on your desk or on a table, it is just the right size.

The page for this product does not claim too much, so the advertised value for this battery is solid. It has a stand that works well and keeps the device pretty sturdy from button presses while standing. The 4 LEDs that indicate the level of the battery work, and actually blink in a neat way while charging (similar to the turn signal on a new Mustang, blinking from left-to-right). The 2.1 A port allows your device to charge quickly without frying it, which is nice. On each product page there this PDF which indicates how much charge a particular battery size should charge your device. While I have a Moto X (2013) (a 2,200 mAh battery) and not a Galaxy S4 (a 2,600 mAh battery), I don’t find the chart far from the truth, if a bit overzealous (but what company isn’t about their product?).

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience with this product. If you find you’re in situations where you need a portable stand with a battery to charge your device, then for $39.99 this is a great option. I give this 4.35 stars.

Here’s a link where you can purchase this online, otherwise Justin Power products are sold at many retailers, here is the page where they’re sold.

justin round power stick
Justin round power stick

Round Power Stick

The lip-stick shaped external battery is a popular form, as it allows a hold of a decent battery size and can fit in a pocket or purse easily. While this battery works well, I find it boring compared to the many options Justin Power provides, and compared to the other two devices reviewed here. This form factor has been done many times before. Nevertheless, it works well.

With a 2,200 mAh battery, this charged my Moto X (2013) about 43%. Of the three, this was the least impressive to me when it comes to its capacity:charge amount ratio. However, it holds its charge well, able to keep its charge for the few days I tested it. The size is great as I mentioned before. The advertised value is alright: it is small and lightweight, the aluminum finish is nice and you have several color choices. However, they not only say that this can charge your device from completely drained to full, but on their PDF describing charge percentages compared to mAh sizes, It does not seem to hold up to normal standards as it should be able to charge the Galaxy S4 60%, and it couldn’t do this for my Moto X, which has a smaller battery.

If you’re looking for a small and lightweight battery that will hold its charge and feels sturdy, then this is good option. At $19.99, and with a not great capacity:charge amount ratio, I don’t find this particular product to be of great value. I give this 3.3 stars, but mostly because of its size and charge hold.

If you’re interested, here’s a link of where to buy this online.

justin ultra slim power bank
Justin ultra slim power bank

Ultra Slim Power Bank

This is easily my favorite of the three products. Maybe because it’s so cool, and looks so good, and is just a great all around value, I’m not sure. What I know is when I opened the Ultra Slim Power Bank, I fell in love. Even my wife who is largely uninterested in my articles and reviews asked if she could use it.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is its battery capacity, as 2,000 mAh, but that’s because it’s so thin. I’m frankly amazed, of how it all fit in it. The battery is about the size of 4 credit cards, and comes with a neat leather pouch with a pocket meant for an I.D., credit card, etc. essentially acting like your wallet. This is a cool spin on the external battery pack. It has 4 LEDs that light up in the same way that the Power Bank with Built-In Stand does, and all the edges have a blue plastic so the whole things glows really cool when you’re using it or charging it. It comes with a tiny 2 inch cord so that you can easily fit the battery and cord in your pocket without hassle. It’s got a metal casing, making it feel very premium.

As for the actual battery, it does fairly well. It charged my phone 51% (better than the one above… see my point?) which isn’t the best, but pretty good considering the size. It held a charge very well over the several days I used it, where I was able to charge my phone, stop and use it again the next day and it do well. The size as I mentioned is great, so it fits easily in a pocket. The advertised value is good, as they don’t really claim much with this device other than the size. The only real issue I came across is while charging your device it can become quite warm, and without the case even hot. Not a huge deal as it cools quickly and I only charged it outside of my pocket, but just a word of caution.

The other problem with this device is its price: $39.99, the same as the Power Bank with Built-In Stand. It’s probably because of the work that goes into making it that small, and the metal casing and leather case. But even $10 cheaper would make this a better value in my opinion. And due to this, it brings my rating down to 4.35 stars. If it was cheaper I’d probably have given it more like 4.75 stars. However, if you’re willing to spend that money I highly recommend this particular battery. The size, the finish, the wallet case. I guarantee when you open this, you’ll know it was worth it.

Here’s a link of where to buy this online.


Overall, Justin Power Products seem to be a different experience with each product. The Power Bank with Built-In Stand and Ultra Slim Power Bank are the best here, and the Ultra Slim would be even better if it was cheaper. The Round Power Stick is average, and that is mostly because of its size. One thing is for sure, all of these hold their charge very well, something Justin Power gets right across the board.

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  1. This power stick charger I bough stoped working the next day I boutgh it. It works for my phone but none of my apple things (iPod iPad) and if anyone can help thanks.

  2. I bought the round stick and doesn’t seem to work with my Galaxy S4. I tried with a couple different usb chords on my girlfriends phone and it works with hers so the unit is ok. If I plug phone in while it is turned on it does absolutely nothing, if while phone is off it vibrates once every few seconds but the battery icon that normally comes shows it charging while off does not appear. any thoughts?

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