USB Type-C is really awesome stuff and it’s one of those technologies we wish would have been here sooner. Further, we hope that other device makers embrace the standard as soon as possible. Not only is it nice to have quicker charging, but there’s something just too convenient about not worrying about which direction you plug your cable in.

Another, albeit, lesser feature of Type-C that bears mentioning is that it provides for flexible accessories. Not just cables and chargers, but things like the Stance, a tripod designed by Kenu. We’ve had one of these in our possession for a few weeks now and are ready to offer up our takeaway.


First and foremost, this unit is compact and very portable. We’re talking key-chain accessory size. In fact, it comes with a small ring just for the very sake of adding to your keys. And, once you use it for some time, you’ll be glad to have it with you at pretty much all times.

The Kenu Stance is a tripod that is built with video, video calls, selfies, and time-lapse photography in mind. Simply plug it into the bottom of your phone and expand the legs and you’re all set. One can adjust and pivot the head to various angles so you get the exact degree you need.


Shooting some time-lapse photos of clouds or the ocean? The Stance lets you set your phone down so it can get the perfect footage, free from bumps and movement.

The tips of the legs have a nice rubber coating on them so your phone and stand don’t slide around on the surface. Moreover, the overall design allows for you to plug your phone in and use the Stance in portrait and landscape modes. The tips work well in any angle.

There’s nothing in the actual head that touches or interferes with your phone so don’t worry about goofing up your connection. And, because it’s Type-C, you can plug it in quickly and without looking.


If you’re looking at the Stance and notice that one of its legs is a little bit different from the rest, that’s by design. Indeed, it is created so that you can use the unit as a bottle opener. Now you have two reasons to carry this guy around.

We’ve enjoyed having this guy around the office as it’s a good way to do video calls on Google Hangouts. Additionally, a quick adjustment lets us turn the phone sideways to take in some YouTube videos. In a related note, this was one of the first items we packed for a recent flight as it let us prop up the phone for Google Play Movies.

If you are wondering whether the Stance works with your existing phone case, the answer is yes. Whatever normally works with your car and home chargers is the same here. There is no reason to take your phone out of the case in order to take advantage of the Stance’s features.


The Stance runs $24.95 and can be purchased directly from Kenu’s website. Should you not have a USB Type-C phone you can also order a micro-USB and iPhone version; both are the same price. Kenu also makes a wide variety of other smartphone accessories so feel free to look around its website. Also, head to Amazon and check out some of the products there, too!

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