Keysmart has been around for several years now, making a great, compact Organizer keychain and then expanding into several different product lines.

I’ve been carrying the original keychain since the company launched and was only too excited to take on two of its newest products for testing: the Keysmart Organizer with Tile and the Keysmart Slim Wallet with optional Tile slot.

What follows are my thoughts and impressions of the two products.

Keysmart Organizer with Tile integration

The overall design of the Organizer is pretty similar to the original. You have two machined backs held together by threaded posts. Inside each post, you “thread” your keys and accessories. They then all tuck into the middle of the Organizer to offer a great minimalistic solution to key management.

If you do want to add accessories, Keysmart has numerous options for you to choose from. You can add things like USB storage, flashlights, and bottle cap openers. I like that Keysmart helps you expand the functionality of something you’re already throwing in your pocket or purse.

Keysmart is adding functionality directly into the device with Tile. This integration adds the ability to track and trace your keys at all times via a mobile app. This is done locally inside your Bluetooth range which then tags the last synced location inside the application.

This tagging allows you to track your devices even when you’re not doing it personally. For instance, while I’m at work the device knows that the last place I left my secondary travel bag was at my home. When I bring the app up it then reports that last location.

My only real complaint on the Keysmart Organizer with Tile is size. I’ve had my original Organizer for several years now. My keys, and pocket, has grown accustomed to the exact size of the keychain. The new version with Tile sensors understandably needs more space. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s noticeably larger than the previous versions.

The new model features Tile integration and is physically a bit larger.

Keysmart Urban Slim Wallet

The Keysmart Urban Slim wallet was also provided for a review and I was excited to get my hands on this thing. I love a slim wallet, but I’m also super picky about how many cards they will hold and the overall functionality of them.

We’ll come back to that, but let’s start with design. This is another well-made offering from Keysmart. Using the company’s patented Tectuff Leather adds great durability while also making it quite stylish. It’s held up well in my time using the Slim Wallet.

So, what about storage space? The Slim can hold up to 6 cards and has a dedicated pocket for the Tile Slim tracker to be added. The card slot also has a dedicate thumb slot to easily slide your cards out when needed.

Unfortunately, I found the Urban Slim wallet just a tad on the small side. I use multiple cards throughout my normal routines. I have both work and personal credit cards, and prepaid and debit cards. Plus, I carry my driver’s license, gym card, and medical insurance cards every day.

Once I added all my normal identifications and payment options, plus the Tile, the Urban Slim seemed ready to burst at its Tectuff seams. And speaking of the Tile. The dedicated slot for the Tile Slim is a very tight fit. If you ever have to remove, you may end up like me and have to literally yank it out using pliers.

I think the perfect user for the Urban Slim wallet is someone is comfortable with two to three payment cards and their driver’s license. Hell, maybe it’s no payment cards with phone options like Apple and Google Pay. I also like the Urban Slim for those that travel regularly and only want to take their essentials with them.

I do like having the additional tracking the Tile adds just like on the Organizer keychain. Now, I’d say leaving the phone at home is a cardinal sin when heading out, but realizing you don’t have a wallet is a potentially more serious infraction.


I like that Keysmart is expanding its device options both into different accessory markets and into the tech field. What the company has added with the partnership with Tile offers consumers a great integrated option for those that want to keep tabs on their personal belongings.

In that vein, the Keysmart Organizer Pro and Urban Slim Wallet hit both of those marks. They are rethinking traditional “dumb” products and bringing them nicely into the digital age. Are they for everyone? No, but the norm is changing, and Keysmart does have smart right there in its name.

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