Up for review today is the Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, an affordable wireless solution for listening to music and/or taking calls.

The first thing we noticed upon taking these out of the box was how light they were and how the parts didn’t feel of high quality. The plastic was very light and the padding on the ears reminded us of our Walkman headphones from the 80’s. Keeping in mind the $30 price point, we were not in a hurry to call them generic or cheap. Really, it’s not so much about how headphones look as it is about the sound. More on that in a moment.


The headphones don’t sit atop your head but behind it, somewhat like your sports earbuds might. As for the plastic arm that connects everything, we got the sense that we might easily break this if we’re not careful.

Your typical buttons (power, volume, and control) are found on the right side of your head, on the outside of the ear. It’s also here that you’ll find the micro-USB charging port. We would have liked to see some sort of raised edge or indentation for the buttons as it took some fiddling to get comfortable. For the first few times through we found ourselves taking the headphones off to see where the volume buttons were and where to tap to skip tracks.

The headphones are sized so that they sit on your ear and not over the ear. We struggle with this design as a whole so we cannot knock this particular model for being any different than others. With that said, it’s nice to hear ambient noises or when our child calls for us. On the other hand, sometimes we like to dive deep into music without distraction. The Kinivo BTH420 do not let us go completely into our music without possible distraction.

More comfortable than they appear, these headphones are also louder than we expected. While this isn’t always indicative of a quality audio experience, it at least helps. We were impressed with the overall sound and range, especially for the price point.

kinivo_bth240_3We were also fond of how far we could get from our smartphone without disruption or breaking off the connection. Again, it’s one of those judging books by covers things; we got further from the device with the Kinivo headphones than other more expensive models.

Battery life is listed to be up to 10 hours and we cannot argue the point. Using a combination of music and phone calls we were able to last a few days without charging back up. Speaking of which, we liked the little bag that came with the Kinivo headphones. Folding them up and tossing in the carrying pouch is a breeze and they don’t take up much space at all. Headed out of town? Charge these up and toss in the backpack and last the weekend.

In terms of target audience, we might suggest the daily commuter who wants to get into their music or podcasts without separating from the rest of the world. Need to listen for your bus stop or train station? At lower and middle levels you’ll be able to hear other passengers. It’s also easy to imagine bicycle riders might enjoy these as they will want to hear traffic or pedestrians.

Considering the price, these could also be a good choice for younger users who are getting into their first devices. Don’t want to drop $100 on li’l Johnny’s Bluetooth cans? Give him these and see how he does with the wireless experience.

You can purchase the Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth headphones though Kinivo for $30.99 as well as through Amazon.

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