If any of you read my review of the Kinivo BTX450, you know that Kinivo has completely blown me away with the quality of their audio equipment.

To give a quick recap on that review, what the BTX450 lacked in sound quality, it made up in power. It sounded good enough, but the volume was ridiculously loud. Great small outdoor get-togethers or to pump music throughout the entire house.

Well, Kinivo gave me the pleasure of test driving their new Kinivo URBN premium headset. They really wanted you to know that these things were premium with it being written clearly on the bottom of the packaging.

Kinivo has promised a premium product; they haven’t disappointed. Enough of the background flub, let’s get into the review.

The Good

Why should I consider the Kinivo URBN?



They look great. Some claim that this isn’t a big part of audio equipment, but we are all influenced by visual stimulus. The URBN are aesthetically pleasing and don’t look goofy on someone’s head.

The Moto Surrounds that I have been playing with are great in their own way too, but they lack in the visual department. Their design seems a little silly in practice. Not going to lie, they make me feel a little self-conscious when I am using them in public.

With the URBN, there is no such feelings. I love the way they look, and despite them being louder in design, I am perfectly fine with someone noticing me while wearing them.

Actually, I was sent the Candy Apple Red version which is very loud, and there is no way that someone wouldn’t notice me wearing them.[/third_paragraph][third_paragraph]

Sound Quality

Looks aside, how do they sound? The URBN blew me away with their sound. The first song that appeared on my Spotify playlist was Bang Bang from Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Okay, maybe I selected that as my first song. You aren’t allowed to judge; you know you turn up the radio whenever it hits the airwaves.

Everything was crisp and loud. At max volume, the sound gets blown out, but that is to be expected from any speaker or headset. At a low to moderate volume, everything sounds amazing. It is clear that Kinivo spent a lot of work into creating the best Bluetooth headset that they could.[/third_paragraph][third_paragraph]


One of my complaints with the BTX450 was the lack of controls over media playback. Well, that is no longer an issue with the URBN! On the right side of them, you will find volume controls as well as playback controls. While they don’t always work depending on the media player you are using, they work very well with major apps like Google Play Music and Spotify.

There is about a second delay between pressing the button and action taking place, but it is better than nothing and the same issue is apparent on every Bluetooth headset I have ever tried.

One thing worth mentioning is that the URBN’s volume control is separate from the playback device’s volume control. Each device can have its own volume level, so if you think your music is a bit quiet, but the headphones won’t let you raise the volume, check your phone to make sure that the volume there is at an appropriate level.


The Okay

Where does the URBN fall between good and bad?


Build Quality

While they look great, Kinivo’s URBN doesn’t particularly feel great. They are made out of plastic and creak when adjusted. Now, this is completely normal, but I really wish that they didn’t creak with head movement interrupting the amazing sound quality.

I don’t feel like they are going to break on me, but that is always a thought that comes when you hear creaking. They feel sturdy enough, and I have fallen asleep in them multiple times now with no issues. They still look brand new and function just as they should.



As I will mention later, the on-ear design isn’t the best for my personal use. I can’t wear them for too long. About two episodes of Arrested Development is my limit with these headphones. That is actually pretty good since I can usually only last 30 minutes with on-ear headphones, so these are rather comfortable and exceeded my expectations there.

The reason that this isn’t a good thing is because they still aren’t great for long usage. Despite the 20-hour battery life they can get with these headphones, I can only wear them for about one to two hours before needing to take them off for a breather.[/double_paragraph] [/row]


The Bad

What should I be aware of before making my purchase?


The Fit

Now, this will vary by head size, but these things will NOT stay on my head. If I don’t keep my head upright, they will just slip right off my head. When I bend over to pick something off the floor, I always have to pick up my headphones too if I forget to grab a hold of it before I bend down.

Once again, this may be due to my smaller head size, but it is something to note before dropping $99 on a headphone. The good news is that they are adjustable as most headphones are and will accommodate larger heads just fine. Just, these may not be the best for a child with a small head.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph]

On-Ear Design

This one is 100% opinion based, but I hate on-ear headphones. I find that I can only get half an hour of comfortable wear out of them before my ears need to breath. However, there is a good amount of people who like on-ear headphones, and that is why they keep making them.

A good thing to note is that sound doesn’t leak out of these as badly as they do with my JLab Bombora headphones. In fact, at a moderately loud volume, someone sitting next to me could only faintly hear my music in a quiet environment. [/double_paragraph] [/row]


The Noteworthy

What else does Kinivo offer with their URBN headphones?



  • NFC pairing
  • Hands-free calling (built in mic)
  • Stereo playback
  • 20-hour battery
  • Wired and Bluetooth connection


In the Box

  • URBN Premium Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Quick reference guide
  • 3.5m cable
  • Carrying case

[/double_paragraph] [/row]


The Conclusion

Buy buy buy! These headphones are by far my favorite right now in my arsenal of audio equipment. They would be great as a gift, Christmas is coming up you know, and they would be even better for your own personal usage.

If $99 is just a bit out of your price range, you can get a $30 discount thanks to Kinivo with the code URBN2015. Just apply it at checkout at either Kinivo’s website or Amazon.com.

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