The 12W LASTAR LED Lamp has shown me what a lamp can and should do for you at your home desk space. I was very impressed with everything it provided for me as someone who does a lot of desk work. If you’re looking for an affordable desk lamp that provides the light and charging capabilities you need, look no farther.


I receive many items in the mail and there is not one part more exciting than the unboxing experience.

Opening up the box to see the product you’ve been waiting for and all the excitement of finally getting to put it together and add it to your home. It is also a test of how well made and cared for your product is and I could tell this was a solid product as soon as I opened it.

The packaging for the LASTAR Lamp was simple but felt solid and secure so that no damage would be done. Everything was wrapped neatly and stored just right. The box came with the lamp, the power chord, and the manual for the lamp to provide you with all the information you needed to understand everything about the lamp. I was very pleased with the unboxing experience.

Quality and Performance

I have used a decent amount of desk lamps throughout my life and one of my siblings actually owns another brand of desk lamp like the LASTAR Lamp and I can safely say that this one exceeded expectations and provided exactly what you need for any circumstance.

The LASTAR Lamp provides five different temperatures of light (3000k-6000k) for you to choose based on the kind of work you are doing or the amount of light intensity you need. Each temperature is noticeably different and gives you all the options you should need.

The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted for seven different levels of brightness ranging from a dim light all the way up to lighting a whole room.

The desk lamp also has a night light setting that shines through the side of the base. This can fulfill the need of a night light. The lamp also has a timer feature so it can automatically turn off after an hour of usage. This can be especially helpful with the night light since it will more than likely turn off after you are asleep (assuming it doesn’t take an hour for you to fall asleep).

The LASTAR Lamp is also adjustable for multiple angles. The light rotates 90 degrees at the base and is capable of 180 degree rotation at the head of the lamp for it to shine right where you need it to.

It also comes equipped with a USB C on the opposite side of the night light for charging capabilities at your desk. This is not a fast charge slot but still gets the job done.


The LASTAR LED Lamp has provided tons of use for me and I’ve been very happy with it. I am fairly confident that anyone who buys this will get full use of the money they use to pay for it.

This model lamp comes in at about $34 which puts it a smidge higher than its competitors. I think the price point for this product is fair especially for the amount of potential use you’ll get out of it.

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