LG G3 Spigen Slim Armor review

I hate to put cases on my beautiful new smartphones, it always seemed so awkward to me.  Sure, I understand that smartphones are expensive and break easily, but why should I cover up my brand new phone.  Someone at LG spent a lot of time and effort designing the G3, covering it up seems almost sacrilegious.  Well, after a few days with my new phone, I began to realize I had a problem.  The G3 is a wonder to behold, but can be slippery when trying to use it one handed.  After a near miss with a toilet bowl, I decided I needed to take some precautions.

I decided I needed a case that met three conditions:  It needed to add some grip, keep the slim profile of the G3 intact and look decent. There is certainly no shortage of cases out there and I quickly found a few that looked interesting.  There was the LG circle case, some OtterBox type cases and your typical hard plastic snap on jobs.  None of these suited my needs really: too big, no grip, ugly, etc.  Finally, I came across Spigen Slim Armor.  I quickly decided that this was the case for me.

The Spigen Slim Armor case is made of two pieces, a soft rubber in piece and a hard plastic outer shell.  The first piece is a grippy, rubber feeling inner sleeve that slips on right over your phone.  The second piece is made of hard plastic and snaps on over the soft inner core.  The soft inner piece adds grip and aids in shock absorption.  The hard plastic piece holds everything together, while adding a bit of armor.

Once the case is on it feels great.  It adds very little bulk to the G3 and provides a border of soft rubber that greatly enhances grip.  While it’s not as attractive as a naked G3, I’m happy with how it looks.  In the past I’ve used cases that make it impossible to attach headphones or charging cables.  The Slim Armor should fit just about any connector you can throw at it.  The 3.5mm connector on my RHA earbuds is pretty bulky, but fits with no problem.

The one complaint that I have, is that it takes a bit of effort to hit the volume buttons on the back of the G3, it would be nice if the cutout for the volume rocker tapered a bit.  This is a minor issue that I got over quickly, I actually came to appreciate the design because it eliminated accidental button presses.

After using this case for about a month, I feel confidant that it will stand up to most abuse.  My phone has survived a number of small drops and one big one.  While juggling my backpack, water bottle and other items, I dropped my phone as I got out of my SUV.  As I watched my phone fall to the pavement, screen first,  I was sure that my phone was done for.  When I picked it up, much to my amazement, there wasn’t a scratch on it.

As much as I hate to cover up my G3, I’m glad that I decided to purchase this case.  It offers great protection in a package that isn’t ugly or bulky.  If you pair your phone with a screen protector and Spigen Slim Armor your phone should be able to stand up to just about anything.  You can find Spigen Slim Armor on Amazon.  It fits a wide variety of phones and comes in a number of colors.  The case retails for about $25, but you can get it now for $17.99.

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