For all of the convenience and automation that comes with a connected home, it’s hard to rival the experience of having a smart door lock. Not only are they as secure as any traditional deadbolt but they have way more flexibility.

The next generation of locks doesn’t rely solely on traditional keys. Moreover, it’s not just personal PIN codes, Bluetooth, or fingerprint sensors. No, the best stuff available uses all of that tech, and even works via voice.

Lockly Secure Pro

The Lockly Secure Pro is one such smart lock. Available in Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze finishes, it’s the sort of deadbolt you’ll come to use daily and in a mindless manner. And that’s just awesome.

We don’t like to fumble for a key to unlock, or start our cars. That old school stuff has been replaced by fobs. Now we just walk up to the car, grab the door handle and get in. Starting is just a press of a button. We do it daily and we don’t think about it. Lockly’s door solution is the same thing.

To be completely fair up front, Lockly is hardly the first company to offer a smart lock and many of its features are not exclusive. We don’t want to suggest there aren’t other models on the market which do a similar job. Then again, there are things, such as Offline Access Codes, which are unique to the Lockly experience.

Installation and Setup

Installation, for the most part, requires just a Phillips screwdriver and maybe 20 minutes of your time. The box comes with quite a few documents, including manuals for installation and usage.

There’s also a paper tool with measurements printed which can be used if you have a little more involved process ahead of you. Say, for example, that you need to drill holes and aligning things on a new door.

Once physically in place, the process of creating codes, adding fingerprints, or integrating with your Google Home takes but a few minutes each. We took our time with things, playing around with different options as we went, and still spent less than one hour on the entire setup.

PIN Codes and Access

The Lockly Secure Pro lets homeowners set up to eight personal codes of 6-8 digits each. These trusted users can unlock the door anytime they want, as often as they want.

Unlike most door locks with keypads, this one’s screen has four circles with three different numbers in them. Randomly generated each time, you’ll never tap the screen in the same order.

Worried about someone peeking over your shoulder or spying on your keypad? This approach makes it nearly impossible to figure things out. A “Random” mode can be enabled, making it even more difficult. Under this method, the four buttons refresh with new numbers each time. All you need to do is remember the 6-8 digit code and enter it.

A second type of user, a guest, can be created which works within a predetermined time frame. In other words, the code expires. This is a great for vacations or temporary situations where you might have a house-sitter or friend to take care of your pets.

The third type of user is a one-time access code. There are all sorts of reasons as to why you might let someone into your house on an individual basis, such as a friend dropping off a gift.

The offline access code feature lets users generate and grant access code access which can be used even when there is no internet access.

Previously, we had a Schlage door lock which utilized PIN codes but we had been using 4-digit numbers. The concept of moving to 6-8 digits seemed a little intimidating but we understood the security behind the extra numbers.

Our anxiety and quibbles were assuaged by the Lockly Secure Pro’s ability to use fingerprints. Simply place your finger on the right side of the lock and you’ll gain entry. It’s as quick as anything you’ll find on a phone, too. This has already become our preferred way of unlocking the door.

Of course, you can also use the Lockly app on your phone to lock and unlock the deadbolt. Oh, and it does come with two traditional keys, too.

Other Details

By default, the deadbolt is designed to automatically lock after a predetermined time. In other words, you can unlock the door, open, and then shut it without having to turn around and lock it. While this is awesome, we tend to like our main door open for breeze or for our dogs to look out.

Having it automatically spit the deadbolt back out sometimes causes more trouble than it’s worth. Disabling this feature is as easy as tapping your phone screen. Likewise, you can also extend the time frame it allows before locking again.

The app keeps a log of all activities, showing each time the deadbolt was locked and unlocked. What’s more, it parses out which codes or fingerprints were used. This is an excellent way of tracking when your child gets home from school.

Connected Home Integration

Another really cool way to use the lock is by voice. Indeed, it’s compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and it’s as easy as saying, “Okay Google, lock the front door.”

In a related note, one thing we hadn’t thought of was the security that comes with unlocking the door via voice. Thankfully, Lockly did. Instead of just making it easy to say “unlock the front door” into your phone or to a connected speaker, you have to enter a PIN code on your phone.

Imagine how poor of a design it would be if someone could walk up to your home and use their voice to gain entry to your front door. By requiring the PIN on a phone it keeps people from talking their way past the security.

You can use your voice to lock and unlock the door, and that’s really cool, but you there’s a way to dial things up even more. There is a sensor you can adhere to the door and jamb to detect whether it’s open. Doing this lets you ask your phone or connected speaker to check on the status. Really neat stuff that doubles as peace of mind.


We appreciate that there’s nothing else to buy if you want to get the full experience. Some locks might require an add-on accessory or component to plug into your router if you want to use voice. The Lockly Secure Pro has everything in the box.

We’ve yet to add the lock to a routine, but we can imagine how nice it will be to say “Goodnight” or automate a bedtime ritual. So, not only will our lights turn off at night, but we can sleep easy knowing the entryway is locked up, too.

For $300 we simply love all of the features that come with the Lockly Secure Pro. There’s no nickle and dime approach to add on extra features; you know exactly what you need to spend. We’ve seen hubs and Wi-Fi accessories that add $50 or more to the bottom line and we’re glad to not have to worry about the cost or compatibility.

We also like that Lockly doesn’t make us choose between Amazon and Google. While we lean pretty heavily in one direction in our home, we do use both.

Installation and configuration is a breeze and we appreciate not having to break out a tool box or fuss with a messy app. To say that any homeowner can put one of these in their home is not an exaggeration.


Pick up your Lockly Secure Pro for $300 at Lockly’s website or Best Buy in Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze.

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