The new Logitech mouse and keyboard combo is here, pairing the K380 Keyboard with the M350 Pebble Mouse.

Targeted towards an audience who enjoys simplicity and aesthetics, the mouse is a tiny, ultra-quiet, Bluetooth unit featured in new Lavender Lemonade, Sand, and Blueberry colors to match your setup. It has a unique and super small shape that is something unique to adjust to but plenty comfortable.

The keyboard is offered in the same colorways so as to create the perfect combination of peripherals for your home office or other desk space. Both devices feature multiple-device connectivity.

You can have up to three different devices paired with your keyboard, while the Pebble mouse allows for two different connections at once thanks to the included USB receiver. Both devices put an extreme emphasis on looking great, with a super slim profile and simple characteristics.

M350 Pebble Mouse Highlights

The Pebble mouse does indeed live up to its name. It is one of the smallest wireless computer mice that I’ve used.

It features the all important Dual Connectivity which can be achieved with regular Bluetooth 3.0 and the Logi Bolt USB Receiver hidden underneath the top plate of the casing. A tiny button on the bottom of the mouse allows you to switch between these connections instantly, adding to your capacity for productivity.

Additionally, it has an ultra-silent set of switches and a scroll wheel that make very little noise. The mouse is great for shared spaces.

The general shape of the casing is pretty basic, but it has some subtle differences that make it special. First off, the height of the mouse slants down towards the primary buttons in a way that I haven’t seen from any other mice.

From above, it is particularly bland unless you opt for one of the brighter colorways. I don’t have a big problem with this, though, as it creates a nice look for just about any desk space, and strongly avoids some of the gaudiness that comes with other mice.

One thing to take note of, though, is that the mouse is very small. Even with fairly small hands, I had to make a bit of an adjustment to the way I like to hold mice to accommodate the size of the Pebble. But after just a week of use, it was no longer an issue for me; I actually found that I really enjoyed the slimmer silhouette.

K380 Keyboard Highlights

The K380 Keyboard has an ultra slim design as well. With a “75%” layout and round keys, it has a super cool look. It rests nearly flat on the desk with a slight rise like many other keyboards and is plenty compact for use on just about any size of desk.

The round keys may be a deal-breaker for some, and it took me a while to adjust to them, but I think they look great, especially when paired with the particularly round Pebble mouse.

It has a full row of function keys that allow for screenshots, swapping between paired devices (F1 – F3), playback control, volume control, and a few others, like a caret browsing toggle button. I think the Logitech K380 Keyboard has a super slick design overall for anybody who wants a minimal desk setup, and the functionality is on par or better compared with any other 75% layout keyboard.

The switches of the keyboard are not silent like the Pebble mouse, but rather have a lightweight clickiness to them. It isn’t loud by any means, or like a mechanical keyboard, but there is definitely significant audible tapping involved as you type away all day. I am not terribly impressed by the overall feel of the switches, though, as I prefer either a more solid, gratifying click, or a noiseless, smooth press. This keyboard seems to be right at a middle ground that I don’t quite have a taste for.

A Wonderful Value

One of the best things about this peripheral combo is the price. The K380 keyboard can be bought for just $39.99 on Logitech’s site, and the Pebble mouse can also be found there for $29.99. For a combined price of just $70, I think it’s a great deal especially considering the quality that always comes with Logitech products. 

If you like other compact keyboards from Logitech, this combo is worth a shot, especially for productivity while on the go. Thanks to the size and slim profiles of both devices, you can easily tuck them away in just about any bag.

You can achieve a portable, lightweight, multi-device setup with the K380 and Pebble mouse. Not to mention the fact that the keyboard and mouse can be paired to anything that supports Bluetooth 3.0, which includes Microsoft Surfaces, iPads, laptops, and PC.


I will leave my final thoughts as simplified as possible. The mouse is ultra-small, ultra-quiet, and ultra-simple. These three things put together make an awesome combo for basic on-the-go or at-home needs. The price is fantastic considering the renown of Logitech.

The keyboard has a unique layout thanks to the uncommon 75% design with the round keys. The functionality of the multi-device connection is something that should be included on every Bluetooth keyboard in the future without a doubt.

Again, the price for a Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech is well beyond reasonable. It isn’t feature packed, and I’m not impressed with the switches.

Paired with the Pebble mouse, it becomes an extremely high-value keyboard purely from aesthetics, simplicity, and compatibility. It had everything you need for most day to day uses.

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