Logitech Mini Boombox review


What we liked: Considerably smaller than we expected it to be, it fits well on a desk, in a carry-on bag, or in the car.  Works nicely in an office environment as it sounds better than the speakerphones that come with many smartphones.   Rechargeable battery has around 10 hours of life, depending on usage.

Room for improvement: Doesn’t handle bass as well as other similarly priced speakers in the price point. The finish on top is easy to smudge or scratch.

Summed up: The Logitech Mini Boombox Bluetooth speaker might not be as good as other, more expensive devices but we’re still pleased with the overall package.  The $99 price point is a tad bit higher than we’re comfortable with however at $75 or so it’s a no-brainer.

I had no idea just how “mini” this boombox was going to be  until I pulled it out of the box.  At around 1/3 of the size I expected, it was certainly miniature.  Barely big enough to fill an adult hand,  I was concerned it would not sound very good.  I’m pleased to say that the overall sound and volume capabilities were deceivingly impressive.  The whole cliche of “big things in small packages”  came to mind as I paired it with my phone to play some music.  Audio was clear, although a tad bit tinny, when I tried a few electronic music tracks however bass seemed to distort at higher levels. Considering just how big (or small) the device is I cannot say I was surprised.

Switching away from music and into a more “practical” mode, I simply loved keeping this on my desk for speakerphone capabilities.  At around 10 hours of playback I would find that it gives me nearly a week’s worth of phone calls without recharging.  The sound for calls was much louder and clearer than anything I get out of my handset so this has become a permanent fixture in the office.

I’ve been on a big audio book kick over the last few weeks and my experience with the Logitech Mini Boombox could not have come at a better time.  It’s small enough to take with me whenever I move to another room and the battery allows for a full day of playback.  Thanks to a micro-USB port on the back, I can charge this anywhere and everywhere I go. A word of caution though as you might not want to move this too often – it gets scuffed easy and that  shiny top won’t stay pretty forever.

The buttons on the top of the device respond well to touch and provide a quick way to pause , advance, or step back music.  There are also buttons for volume adjustment as well as one to take incoming calls.  The backside of the boombox also allows for auxiliary input to plug in devices that do not have a Bluetooth connection (MP3 player, digital reader, etc.)

My advice to you is not to buy this with the impression that you will be getting a fantastic piece of audio equipment designed for enjoying music.  Instead, look at it from the standpoint of practicality, giving more weight to the idea of an enhanced speakerphone experience.  Be it taking calls, playing audiobooks, checking voice mail, or playing games, it works better viewed as a jack-of-all-trades product.

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