Recently, Logitech announced their new MX Mechanical keyboards with the focus of blending a bit of gaming keyboard experience with maximized workflow.

Both the MX Mechanical and the Mechanical Mini are available with three different switch options: Tactile Quiet (Brown), Linear (Red), and Clicky (Blue). This mechanical keyboard duo has plenty of features that I find essential to a premium experience with your computer no matter who you are.

Featuring a wireless connection with up to three devices at one time,  smart backlighting, low-profile keycaps, and unique customizability, the MX Mechanical keyboards are totally solid wireless options. You can purchase the full-size option at Logitech’s website for $169.99, or if you prefer to free up some desk space, the Mechanical Mini is also available for $149.99.

via Logitech

First Impression

With limited desk space, I opted for the MX Mechanical Mini. When it first arrived I immediately took note of the weight. For such a small ‘75%’ keyboard, it’s quite hefty; this is common with mechanical keyboards.

You definitely won’t have to worry about the keyboard sliding around on your desk while using it thanks to this weight and the friction pads on the underside. It feels really sturdy and robust like many mechanical keyboards do.

Given the MX Mechanical Mini is a pretty small keyboard it’s one of my favorite setups so far. It has all of the keys that I need and Logitech has done an awesome job of keeping the profile compact. It doesn’t take up any needed space on my desk, and thanks to the low-profile keys with low travel, it’s super comfortable. You can lay the board down flat, or raise the legs underneath for a 19mm pitch.

In the realm of aesthetics, I think it’s a pretty simple but sleek design. It features two-tone keycaps in varying gray shades as well as customizable backlighting that can sense the movement of your hands to fade in and out when necessary.

The MX Mechanical Mini will, without a doubt, improve the looks of your setup if you prefer the simple, clean design. And not to mention, while wireless mechanical keyboards are a pretty rare consideration, getting rid of that cable was definitely something that I appreciate.

Switches and Customization

From the factory, Logitech offers both the MX Mechanical and the Mini with three different switches. If you’re not familiar with the different switches of mechanical keyboards, here’s a quick rundown of those available.

First is the brown switch which is a ‘tactile quiet’ option that Logitech advertises as their most silent keyboard switch ever. It provides a tactile feedback bump and reactive key reset to highlight that mechanical feel while keeping noise down.

Next up is the blue switch. If you want that ultra tactile and clicky experience, this is the choice for you. This switch is very common with mechanical keyboards so if you’ve had one in the past then the blue switch is likely to give you that familiar experience at the cost of some slight annoyance to those nearby.

Finally, the red switch provides you with minimal spring resistance and shortened travel so that typing will feel more fluid and less reactive with a more linear feedback pattern. It won’t be as quiet as the brown switch but definitely reduces the noise from the blue switch. I think it’s a great middle ground option between brown and blue.

In addition to customization of the mechanical side of things, the MX Mechanical keyboards are compatible with Logi Options+ software so that you can refine the backlighting style or set up things like connected devices and the function of your F-keys. You can also check the battery level of the keyboard, and upon setup of the software you will be given a guided tour of your connected device. 

via Logitech

Functionality and Flow

I think one of the key things that Logitech is focusing on with these new products is the workflow aspect of the device. If you have a setup that involves multiple devices like a PC and a laptop or tablet, then I am fairly certain your new favorite feature of your keyboard will be its ‘Easy-Switch’ keys.

The MX Mechanical keyboards come with three keys that allow you to instantaneously switch between up to three paired devices at one time. I am able to use the Logi Bolt USB receiver to connect with my PC while connecting to my laptop through regular bluetooth.

With the press of two keys, the Easy-Switch feature gives you quick access to any three connected devices to maximize efficiency. Why take your hands off the keyboard to switch over to your laptop if you can make use of that extra screen without moving an inch? 

The MX Mechanical Mini also has a couple of additional functions on the F-keys in the top row for added flexibility and overall functionality of the keyboard. From the top row of the board you can change the backlighting brightness, use text-to-speech, quickly access emojis, take a screenshot, mute/unmute your microphone, perform a search, and control media playback.

In my experience, the Mini keyboard still contains every feature that I commonly use and I don’t have to sacrifice desk space for this functionality. 


In total honesty, the MX Mechanical Mini is one of my favorite keyboards yet. Even the mini keyboard has super great functionality while retaining a compact size and low-profile design. The aesthetics are simple and clean, and the smart backlighting is a cool and unique feature that I’ve never seen before.

It’s truly impressive that Logitech manages to pack all of this into a 75% mechanical keyboard. The brown switches are a solid option but if I could do it again I may decide to give the red switches a go.

I do find it to be a little bit on the expensive end, but $150 is by no means a ridiculous price for the level of quality, aesthetics, customizability, and practicality that you’ll get from the MX Mechanical keyboards. 

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