It seems like every recent smartphone has a beautiful display. These high resolution displays come at a cost to your battery life. The average consumer spends a considerable amount of time on their cell phones and manufacturers do not seem to be focusing on improving battery life. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in an airport, only to see every single outlet being occupied. The culprit is usually one person charging all five of their electronic devices.

This is where power banks come in. Let me introduce you to the Lumsing 15000mAh Glory P1 Plus.


  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Capacity: 15,000mAh
  • Input: 5V, 1.8A
  • Output: 0 ~ 3.2A, three
    USB ports
  • Size: 6.2 x 3.0 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight 331 g
  • Warranty: 12 months

The great thing about Lumsing is that it focuses on simplicity. This device is built for function, rather than aesthetic appeal. There are two color options. White with orange trim, and black with orange trim. There are three USB ports, which provides the option of charging three devices at the same time. One of the three USB ports offers more room for bulkier cables.



The portable bank is idiot-proof and requires no directions to operate. Simply turn the power bank on (it has only one button), connect your charging cable and plug it into your phone.

There are four blue LED lights that indicate the battery life. Each LED light represents 25% battery. A fully charged portable bank will have all four LED lights on.



This power bank is a beast. Lumsing claims that it can fully charge a Galaxy S6 around five and a half times. I wanted to test how long I could go without using a wall charger and replaced it with this portable battery instead. I ended up going a full five days without having to use a wall charger. I normally let my battery drain from 100% to 20% battery before charging my phone. This easily charged my phone to 100% at least five times. I also tried charging my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet, iPhone 6s, and Huawei GX8 smartphone at the same time. The Lumsing Glory P1 Plus had no problem handling all those devices at once. The portable battery does not have pass through charging, which means that you cannot charge the portable battery and connected devices at the same time.

The portable power bank itself takes around nine hours to fully charge. I plugged it in right before going to bed and had a full battery when I woke up.

This portable battery is long and quite heavy. It is slightly bigger and much thicker than the LG G5. This is not the portable charger that you want to carry around in your pocket. The smaller Lumsing 8000mAh would be better suited for that role.



This power bank is better suited for things like camping or traveling where one can expect to be without an outlet for an extended amount of time. This portable bank will ensure that you never have to sit on the dirty floor, next to an outlet ever again. It is a great option for daily use as well. I carry a backpack to work everyday and have no problem storing this power bank in one of the pockets.


The Lumsing 15000mAh Glory P1 Plus is not the device to buy if you plan on carrying it around in your pocket. The portable bank is on the heavier side, but it’s a small price to pay for the usefulness of being able to charge your phone up to five or six times depending on the phone. You also have the capability of charging multiple devices at the same time.

Anyone who is going to be traveling for an extended period of time is going to really appreciate this portable battery. I’ve been on far too many road trips where my phone dies halfway through the car ride. Even if you aren’t traveling, it won’t hurt to keep this portable battery in your car or backpack just in case. The Lumsing Glory P1 Plus can be found on Amazon for only $19.99 with free shipping.


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