No matter how hard we beg manufacturers for better battery life, they don’t want to listen. Granted they’re also listening to us ask for faster speed, higher resolution displays, better cameras, more powerful software, and everything else under the sun, which means they need to find a balance as to what “most” customers will be happy with.

You could be a power user, or you could have poor reception, which makes your phone work harder thus draining your battery. Luckily, for those of us who need more power we have portable power banks.

Today’s review is about the Lumsing 8000mAh ultrathin power bank.


Design and Usage

Lumsing is a company that focuses on keeping things simple. Technology is complicated and requires an immense amount of effort to keep up with all of the changes. I work a M-F, 8-5pm job and write about tech for fun. As much as I love technology, I actually dislike tech that brings about more complication and appreciate Lumsing for taking a stance on simplicity.

The approach that Lumsing takes with simplicity is very apparent in the 8000mAh ultrathin power bank. It’s so simple that it doesn’t even have a name.

Yet it is designed to give you what you need most, the right amount of power while staying extremely thin for pocketability. 8000mAh is enough power to get two full charges for my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge which has a 3600mAh internal battery. The iPhone 6 has an 1810mAh internal battery, which means the Lumsing power bank can easily provide four full recharge cycles.

What’s nice is that 8000mAh could be squeezed into a very small package. The casing is made from one piece of metal, and as you can see in the images above that mine is a bright blue. The bright color makes it much easier to spot in my laptop bag, and it stands out amongst all of the portable gadgets I have in my office.

–Capacity: 8000mAh
–Input: Micro USB 5V / 1.5A
–Output: USB 5V / 2.1A
–Dimensions: 5.08×2.83×0.3 inches
–Weight: 5.96 oz

It can output power at 2.1amps, which is fast for iPhone users, but not quite fast enough to qualify for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge. On the front of the battery pack is where you will find a small flashlight that is activated by double tapping the power button. You will also find the battery indicator, output USB port, and microUSB input.


The Lumsing 8000mAh ultrathin power bank is easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the supplied coiled cable into the battery, then plug the other end into your smartphone, tablet, wireless headphones or speaker and let it recharge your device.

lumsing battery

I like this battery because it is extremely reliable where it consistently gets me two full recharges on my S7 edge. The best part though, is its fantastic price point at just $9.99 with free shipping included.


Lumsing prides itself on keeping technology free from complications. It does that with the 8000mAh ultrathin power bank that I have been using. Lumsing also made the battery extremely affordable at just $9.99. With enough power to get at least two full charges on my S7 edge, $9.99 is quite justifiable on this purchase.

I highly recommend this battery based on its price, form factor, and reliability. They’re great to have if you ever experience power outages, or just need more power when you’re on the go. I leave one in my glove box, and one in my emergency kit as Lumsing batteries hold their charge quite well.

Get the Lumsing 8000mAh ultrathin power bank at Amazon or at Lumsing for just $9.99.

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  1. In my opinion, it is a little wide and fusty.
    I got an slim and compact power bank 9000mAh with 142*57*11.5mm, it is metal casing with smart IC, which can charge your devices 1.8 times faster than normal ones. And also I see that can be painted with rubber oil which can make the item surface with soft touch.
    There are two versions optional: one ouput port and dual output port. Black sliver grey and rose red are available.

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