There are literally hundreds of portable batteries available at and they all serve the same purpose – to charge your portable devices. They come in all shapes and sizes and picking the right one for your needs can be downright confusing. I have a great portable battery to tell you about that should fit just about all of your portable charging needs. The Lumsing Grand A1 compact 13400mAh portable power bank has been in my laptop bag and recently went to San Francisco to attend the Google Nexus press event and kept me going strong.

Lumsing Grand A1 compact portable battery design

For a battery of 13400mAh, you should expect a large sized battery that will make itself noticable in your pocket, at least, from my experience. The Lumsing Grand A1 actually was about 40% smaller than other batteries of identical charging capacity giving this charger a favorable start in this review. Form factor is one of the most important features in a design as you don’t want something bigger than it should be when it comes to portability.

The Grand A1 came encased in a sleek and sturdy black aluminum frame with accents of bright orange plastic to give the battery a distinct and premium look. The orange definitely helped it stand out in my bag making it easy to find. I prefer aluminum for accessories as it can take more abuse, is less prone to fingerprints, and looks and feels better than plastic.


Like many other high-quality designed batteries, the Lumsing Grand A1 also comes with an LED flashlight built-in for times when you need to find something in your bag or purse. There are also two USB out ports for charging two devices at the same time.

Beyond the hardware, the battery comes with smart technology to maximize the charging speed of whatever device you decide to connect to it. It’s all too common these days to have devices with different charging requirements, but Lumsing will figure it out for you. Overall, this battery is as plug and play as it gets. To charge the battery, you just need a standard phone charger and you can use the same microUSB cable you use to charge your phone to charge the battery.



Like I mentioned earlier, this battery made the trip to the Google press event in San Francisco. Sure there were power outlets available, but I didn’t want to be stuck to a wall charging my Note 5. I took 300 pictures that day, spent hours on my messenger talking with the writers at Androidguys, and I started the day with 20% power since I forgot to charge my phone the night before. The Lumsing Grand A1 more than lived up to my expectations while it kept me going strong during the event.

Considering my Note 5 battery is only 1/4 of the capacity of the power bank, I was left with 75% power which easily powered me through my trip back to San Diego.



Weight 9.24 ounces
Size 98mm*79mm*21mm±0.5mm
Capacity 13400mAh
Input DC 4.8V~DC5.5V
Output DC 4.7V~DC5.1V
Product Warranty 18-month warranty


Overall this battery from Lumsing is a great purchase if you need portable power. The build-quality is top notch and is matched with a great price.

If you need a battery now, this is the battery to get especially with free shipping from It also comes in other colors to match your latest devices.


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