Smartphone hardware has improved in just about every area, with exception to battery life. Over the past decade, smartphones have consistently given us about a day of battery. For some users, like me, battery life is an area I wish manufacturers would improve and allow us to get through at least two full days of usage.

Sadly, that day has yet to come. Instead we have grown fond of external battery packs since they come in a wide range of sizes, and are relatively cheap.

For the past couple of weeks I have been testing the Lumsing 8000mAh portable battery and am quite happy with it.



  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Capacity: 8000mAh
  • Input: 5V 1.5A
  • Output: 0~ 2.4A dual USB
  • Size: 4.8 x 2.7 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.45 oz
  • Warranty: 12 months


I’ve reviewed and used over ten portable batteries in the last year, and have come to the general conclusion that they’re all pretty reliable. Some batteries have features such as Fast Charge, wireless charging, flashlights, water and dust resistance, and the list goes on.


What I have come to learn is that I prefer portable batteries that are actually small enough to carry in my pocket. The Lumsing 8000mAh battery is probably the most perfectly sized battery in combination with the capacity. If you get a battery over 10000mAh they are generally big and heavy. It’s also rare that one person would need more than two full charges unless they are going on a camping trip without a source of power. Most of us need one to two full charges throughout a day or two, so 8000mAh is just right. It’s the Goldilocks of batteries.

My Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a 3600mAh battery, and I easily get two full charges from the Lumsing 8000mAh portable power pack. It doesn’t have quick charge or Qi wireless charging, and that is okay with me. All I need is the energy the Lumsing power pack stores, and it supplies the right amount of power when I’m running low. It is quite pocketable at just 4.8″ long, .6″ thick, and rather light-weight at just six ounces.


The build is far from fancy, yet it is solid and durable with a matte finish. It won’t draw attention for its good looks, but the Lumsing 8000mAh battery is a bargain at a cost of just $10.99 with free shipping included from Amazon. Its best feature is the size which allows me to carry it with me without noticing it bulging from my pocket.


If you’re looking for a no frills, well-built and right sized portable battery, the Lumsing 8000mAh portable battery is the one for you. It costs just $10.60 at Amazon with free shipping included, and supplies enough power to get you an additional day or two when you’re away from a power outlet. I highly recommend picking up one of these power banks from Lumsing.

Get it at Amazon for just $10.60.

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  1. Actually I bought one power bank with 9000mAh, it is 14.2*5.7*1.15cm, much thinner than this one with 0.6 inch (1.5cm).
    It is a fast charging power bank with smart IC, dual output. It is slim and compact.

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