magnetyze_gs3_720We love Android devices that keep the same form factor across carriers and markets. Why? Because it generally opens the door to a wider range of accessories. The Samsung Galaxy S3, one of the most popular Android models to date, has all sorts of wonderful accessory options. Case in point: The Magnetyze Charging System from BuquTech.

Sold as a complete kit, the Magnetyze Charging System essentially replaces your microUSB charging with a magnetic connection. In other words, you’re adding wireless charging capability to the Samsung Galaxy S3, plus a little more. By that we mean that the desk stand can hold your phone in any orientation, charging it with a simple magnetic contact.  Want to watch a movie while charging? Want to ready your news feeds? Here ya go! When you’re ready to go, you simply grab the phone and walk away. No unplugging to deal with, no cable left hanging out.


What’s included:

  • Magnetic desk stand
  • Magnetic back plate
  • Magnetyze charging cable
  • USB wall charger
  • Micro USB cord

The back plate is great in that it simply goes over your existing battery and does not add any weight or thickness. This is not a battery replacement; you can keep the one that came with the Galaxy S3. The rear of the back plate features a circular, magnetic spot in the upper center section. This is what touches your desk stand and its corresponding magnet. The two work together to allow 360-degree rotation.

Setting the stand on the office desk, this is an incredibly efficient way to charge up and we’ve really come to appreciate how nice it is to walk away. Literally, it’s grab and go. A rather lengthy USB cord allows you to place the stand where it feels most comfortable. Along those lines, we were fond of the angle of the stand and the height in which it kept the phone off the desk.

magnetyze_cableAlso available, a USB cord with the magnetic back, which can be used in the car, plugged into a PC, or other USB outlet. We recommend grabbing an extra one or two of these cable so you can keep them at home, work, and in your bag.

One of the drawbacks to this sort of charging system is that it’s all or nothing. More clearly, you cannot simply plug in a microUSB cord without first taking off the battery cover.  This is not a big deal for casual user, however extended time away from the plug(s) can become a hassle. If you’re the type who likes to top off the charge in a car or with a power bank, you’ll find this a touch inconvenient. With that it mind, these extra cables are only $24.99 a piece (Amazon has them for under $20).

Overall, we were quite pleased with the Magnetyze Charging System’s performance, build quality, and price. We had to do a double-take when we looked up the cost of the system as we expected it to be more expensive.  Indeed, the entire kit is only $69.99 through BuQuTech and is worth every penny. Pick one up in white or blue and match your Galaxy S3!

We got our first glimpse of the charging system back at CES 2013 and are expecting to see support for the Galaxy S4 and other models down the road.

What we liked:

  • Grab and go is the very convenient
  • 360-degree viewing on desk stand
  • Magnets are strong, lock on easily
  • Price

Room for improvement:

  • Cannot plug in any other chargers
  • Wider retail availability


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