The search is over! MINIRIG has finally answered the question I have asked every year about portable Bluetooth speakers. Yes, you can have a portable speaker that truly sounds good. I have listened to countless portable speakers, but the one key element missing is the quality of the sound. Sure there are larger speakers that would do the trick, but that does not make it very portable. The MINIRIG has set the bar on sound quality from a small footprint. Even at the highest volume there is no distortion, which is something other portable speakers have failed to master.

The speaker is made up of a single machined piece of anodized aluminum with a very minimal design, light-weight, simple-to-operate, and has an astounding battery life. The speaker has an attractive design that comes in a variety of colors.  The MINIRIG is also light-weight making it easy to keep with you. The device it is connected to your tablet or smartphone which allows you to control volume, leaving you with two options on the speaker itself, high and low. Setup is also a breeze by simply turning it on and finding the Bluetooth pairing option on your phone. I have found most speakers have a difficult time connecting with a device. The MINIRIG always worked, and never posed any issues connecting with a multitude of phones and tablets. The housing comes in several color choices made of aluminum and covered in matte polycarbonate making it extremely durable.

The sound is what truly sets it apart from the rest of the field providing crisp clear audio even at the maximum volume. The sound also fills the entire room with ease making it a joy to listen to even from a distance. Deep tones come through fairly well making it all the better considering most portable speakers have no deep tone at all. Various forms of music are handled amazingly something hardly ever found. Most other speakers fall short when changing to new genres limiting their capabilities. From country to hip hop and everything in between the speaker fails to disappoint.

Battery life is a constant issue for any portable device. The MINIRIG has a rated fifty hour battery and it is no joke. Several days went by before I had to charge it. The speaker even allows you to charge your phone making it perfect for layovers and camping trips. I was able to go a few weeks without charging the speaker with casual listening. when I left the speaker playing it lasted over two days without a charge set on low volume for test purposes.

The MINIRIG surpassed all the expectations I had with a small portable speaker. The quality of the build and capabilities of the speaker rivaled larger non-mobile units with ease. Even as good as this product is you can take it up a notch by adding another MINIRIG and a Subwoofer. Unfortunately I did not have this set up but given how impressed I was with just one I can say the additions would be well worth the price. The speaker is also IPX4 rated so it is resistant to small accidents with water. If there is one knock on the MINIRIG the fact that it is not fully submersible is a minor let down.

MINIRIG comes in seven different colors and three packages of 1, 2, or 2.1. The price starts at $219.05 for just the speaker and is worth every penny. The full package of two speakers plus the subwoofer is $608.69. The company is PASCE Ltd in Bristol UK. The unit was designed by a group of engineers and over time refined into the final product of the MINIRIG. The quality of the build and capabilities display the hard work and attention to detail the team has put forth. In conclusion this is the only speaker you will ever need for your mobile audio needs.

You can buy the Minirig here at for $199.99 or buy direct from the official minirig site.


Tech Specs 
435 g
3” (76mm) with neodymium motor system
Frequency response
75 – 20,000Hz
Battery life
50 hours (low volume)
30 hours (average use)
10 hours (maximum volume)
Input power
USB (5V DC @ 500mA)
Output power USB
(5V DC @ 500mA)
4.0 with APTX and wireless stereo
Bluetooth Range
>10-50 meters line-of-sight
Charging time
6 to 8 hours
Audio input/output
2 x 3.5mm mini jack socket
Anodised aluminium and polycarbonate
IP rating
IPX4 – Air tight enclosure with waterproof cone
Maximum peak output


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