Whether it’s internal, removable, wireless, microUSB, USB 3.0 Micro-B plug, or something else, batteries are one of those phone features we care deeply about. And, although we’ve had tremendous advances over the years, we still somehow find ourselves running low on juice every once in a while.

We recently spent time reviewing the Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400, a portable power bank that houses 20400mAh of life. Indeed, this guy is able to power your newer model Androids up somewhere between 8-10 times.

Build quality

First things, first, we are incredibly impressed with just how much power you can squeeze into a device this small. Just a few years ago we were carrying around a 4800mAh unit bigger that took up more space. The Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400 measures a mere 5.5-inches high by 2.8-inches wide with a little more than 3/4-inch depth. It’s heavier than our old devices at 14 ounces but we are happy to trade that in for more battery. The overall design is slightly angular; the battery is a slate grey color with an orange accent stripe.

General details

The Battstation offers two separate options for charging, a 1A and a 2.1A USB port. If you’re like us, and typically only need to add life to your handset, plugging into the faster option is the way to go. Got a tablet or second phone to add to the mix? You’ll do yourself a favor by prioritizing the outlets.

We like that the device comes with a pouch and some cables however we didn’t find ourselves using those too often. But, the carrying case is nice to have; it, too, is darker and a little hard to find in a purse or dimly lit scenario.

Because of the capacity of this battery you’ll find that it takes a long time to get to 100% charged. We’re talking well overnight and into around 14-16 hours. But, charge up on a Thursday and take it with you on a weekend trip and you’ll have more than enough to get your phone through the weekend, plus some for friends, too.


Other notes

Do note that you must press the power button to turn on charging. Simply plugging in does not trip the trigger. Double tapping the power button turns on the LED flashlight. Yep, this one also pulls double duty as a flashlight, should the need arise.  We can’t wait to take this one camping with us!

It’s not a deal breaker by any stretch but we might like to see the power indicator switched to 5 lights or something that changes colors when it gets dangerously low.

What’s included

  • Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400
  • One Micro-USB Charge Cable
  • One Travel Pouch
  • One 30-pin Apple Connector
  • One Galaxy Tab Connector
  • Quick User Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty

Where to buy

You can pick up a Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400 directly from ibattz.com or through a variety of online retailers. Pricing is listed at $129.95 however we found it at Amazon for $107.50. It’s still a shade more expensive than what other name brands might sell for however we didn’t have any issues. If you can get one for close to $100 then you’re doing quite alright.

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