Many of today’s current crop of phones feature support for the Qi wireless charging standard. Whereas it was once reserved for flagships and select models, it’s growing increasingly common and working its way into lower priced devices.

And while a lot of phones have support for wireless charging, very few come with a wireless pad or stand. Indeed, it’s typically just bundled with a USB cable. That’s where companies like mophie step in.

We’ve had two of mophie’s more recent wireless charging solutions, the Dual Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Stand. At their heart they offer the same fundamental feature, wireless charging for a phone, but they are two entirely different products.

Dual Wireless Charging Pad

As its name might suggest, this one offers support for two phones at a time. Be it Apple, Samsung, Google, or anything else, there’s space for two handsets.

Capable of safely delivering up to 10W of charging power, this is the sort of product you might put in a central location such as the living room or den. This way you and your spouse can charge phones up over dinner.

Or maybe you want to use it for your Samsung Galaxy Buds or Airpods Pro. Who are we to tell you what to do with it? The only thing you can’t charge with the platter is the Apple Watch.

To solve this problem, mophie has included a USB A port on the side which lets you plug in a cable. Essentially this becomes a 3-in-1 charger. So, plug in your watch’s cable and you’re good to go!

The Dual Wireless Charging Pad is lightweight and features a smooth “Ultrasuede” finish that fits with any decor or environment. Thanks to the five-foot cable you can plug it in behind the dresser or nightstand without worry.¬†About $80 at Verizon, Amazon, and Apple

Wireless Charging Stand

More traditional in its features and purpose, this is the sort of unit you’d place on your work desk or kitchen counter.

With an adjustable design, you can lie it flat on a table and place your phone on it for an overnight charge. Or, prop it up at an angle so you can glance over at notifications as they come in. It also makes for convenient video chat sessions, too.

Present here is the same soft touch material that gently kisses the back of your phone. It’s classy stuff that looks good on a desk and doesn’t stick out or call too much attention to it.

We’ve tried the charger with phones that have cases on them and found success for the most part. Some of the most rugged and tough cases might present an issue but those which come in at 3mm or thinner should be no problem.¬†About $70 at ZAGG

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