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Build Quality
The Morphée Zen is a very convenient device that's easy to use and comfortable in hand. With a shape that calls to mind a river rock or pebble, there are no screens to distract. It's intuitive and practical with only a handful of symbols to press.

The Morphée Zen is a portable device designed for helping users to relax and de-stress. With no displays or screens to distract, it’s as simple as plugging in headphones and choosing from 72 different sessions spanning six themes. The internal battery is good for up to 90 minutes per charge with sessions ranging from two to five minutes each.

Read on to learn more or check out the podcast (also embedded below) to see what we thought of the Morphée Zen.

Noteworthy Features

  • Includes 72 sessions over six themes (Deep Relaxation, Immersive Journeys, Dynamic Relaxation, Sounds of Nature, Relaxing Music, Chrono Zen)
  • Male and female voices
  • Sessions range from two to five minutes
  • Battery life up to 90 minutes
  • Two-year warranty


Listen to the Episode

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Thoughts and Conclusion

The Morphée Zen is a very convenient device that’s easy to use and comfortable in hand. With a shape that calls to mind a river rock or pebble, there are no screens to distract. It’s intuitive and practical with only a handful of symbols to press.

Sessions range from two to five minutes in length with voiceovers from both male and female guides. Listen to music, sounds of nature, or take a guided journey and you’ll be chilled out in no time.

Battery life is decent at 90 minutes which shakes out to 18-45 sessions per charge. In other words, you may be charging this up maybe once or twice a month, if that much.

The Morphée Zen is small enough to travel anywhere and it fits into a pocket or purse without hassle. The soft edges and slightly irregular shape help lend to portability.

Given how easy it is to get distracted by using apps on our phones, it’s sometimes difficult to “unplug” and just immerse ourselves in a meditation. That’s not a problem here as you’re just figuring out which sort of session to enjoy without any screens stealing away our attention.

You can learn more about the Morphée Zen and/or purchase yours for about $80.


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