Moshi Mythro with OnePlus 2

One accessory that will forever tied to smartphones are headphones or earbuds. It is one thing that allows us to listen to music on the go in a quality and quiet (for most) matter. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Moshi’s entry level earbuds, the Mythros. For the most part, I have always used either the headphones or earbuds that have come with my smartphones (mostly the Galaxy series headphones) or cheap headphones that cost < $15. Headphones haven’t been a huge priority of mine until lately, where I listen to a lot of music during school. The Moshi Mythro’s are comfortably priced at $29.95, so let’s see if how they stack up.


The design of the Moshi Mythro  is pretty welcoming. They currently are available in six different color choices: Gunmetal Gray, Jet Silver, Satin Gold, Burgundy Red, Tyrian Purple, and Rose Pink.; the Mythros I got to review were of the Burgundy Red color.

At first glance, the first thing I notice is the aluminum casing around the headphones. This is very nice to see, especially since the majority of headphones I’ve seen or used have all had plastic casings. A lot of the time, those casings crack or break apart, so it’s good to see Moshi enforcing the Mythros with aluminum. Each wire below the casing is stamped ‘R’ or ‘L’ for right and left. What is nice on top of that is that the actual earbud is color coded as well. The right ear is red whereas the left ear is white. This really helps figuring out which side is which, especially when it is hard to see the little stamping of ‘R’ or ‘L’.

One issue I tend to have with earbuds over headphones, is that you have to find the right one because all ear canals aren’t all the same, who knew? The good news is that Moshi includes two additional sizes to the stock earbuds that come installed on the headphones. The good news is that they seal very well. I have found with cheaper earbuds, you don’t always necessarily get a tight seal.

As far as the cord on the earbuds, it isn’t as thick as I would like it to be. The headphone jack  and connection to the earbuds do seem to have some extra bulk around the cord to help protect it from daily bends, which is good to see. So many times started to see wires becoming exposed at high stress spots on the wiring, so its good to see some extra enforcement.

The Mythro does also come with an included mic embedded in the cord. The button button below the microphone does add some functionality which includes pausing the song and skipping back and forth. The only downfall is that it does not have a volume control. That means you’ll have to stick with taking the device out of your pocket to change the volume.


Coming from cheap headphones and earbuds my whole life, I didn’t necessarily know what to expect. I mean my listening experience was never terrible, but I was excited to see what a little more money could come with in my sound quality. Let me tell you, I have been missing out my whole life. Listening to music on the go, even through Moshi’s entry level headphones makes a huge difference.

Most of music that I listen to is metal, so there is a lot of everything: bass, treble, mids. The thing is that the Moshi Mythro handled it all very well. The guitars would come through very crisp and well-defined and it would still allow for the kick drum to be well-pronounced. Usually with cheaper headphones, I have found that a lot of the sound runs together, but the Mythro does not have any of that.

The earbuds do have a solid bass to it, so if that’s something you’re into, these may be the perfect headphones for you. Moshi states “Moshi’s DR8 Neodymium driver that delivers a crisp sound with deep punchy bass”, and they aren’t lying. Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with the output on these earbuds.


The Moshi Mythro earbuds are definitely a best in class value. They hit all the marks on design and sound quality without breaking the budget. If you are looking at updating your audio assortment, but don’t want to drop $100+, strongly consider these headphones. The are designed well with an aluminum housing and have crisp sound anyone can appreciate. You can find the Mythros on Moshi’s official website.

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