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I’m a father. I write, I travel a lot and I’m a tech enthusiast. Many of you reading this may be one or more of those things. If you are, you know that most segments of your life have a phone, tablet, computer or something else that goes along with it. In this day and age, we all have devices that fit our needs. Some times a device can do many things, but if you’re anything like me, you’re toting around several gadgets. Whether that may be a tablet for the kid to keep her entertained while we wait on an oil change, my laptop so I can get some writing done, battery banks and both of my phones, they all live in my Moshi Aerio messenger bag.

Moshi Aerio 1

In addition to the things I listed, I’m also a bit of a bag addict. I’ve used many messenger bags and backpacks in the past and I’m always in search of the perfect one. That’s why when the good people at Moshi offered me the chance to review the Aerio, I jumped at it. I am an admitted fan of Moshi. I think they make excellent stuff. I hope in the future they make a big push into Android accessories because the iPhone accessories they do make are fantastic.

The Aerio may look like any high premium messenger bag out there, but there are two things that make it stand out over others I’ve tried: its weight and the strap.

Moshi Aerio 3

This is one of, if not the, lightest bag I’ve ever used. Even when its fully loaded with my Macbook Pro, headphones, notebook, pens, pills, two tablets and two phones, it feels incredibly light. Moshi used really high quality materials that not only make it light, but water resistant too. Now, it’s not waterproof, but I would definitely trust this bag to take a splash, or get rained or snowed on. In addition to it being water resistant, it also stretches. A lot. I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t get everything I listed in this bag, plus my lunch and whatever small boxes I have to mail out that day. Unless you’re taking a change of clothes, you should be able to get all of your devices into the Aerio.

Moshi Aerio 4

What makes the Aerio easy to use is the strap. It extends to and retracts long enough for everyone to find their perfect length. I’ve had many bags that don’t give me nearly enough length since I like to keep my bags near my thigh. The pad that sits on your shoulder is extremely comfortable. There is a ton of padding, and it’s just tough enough to last while still preventing any shoulder fatigue. Where the strap connects to the bag is stretchy material that keeps your bag from tugging on your shoulder when you walk. These things combined makes the Aerio a joy to walk around with. I wish the strap was a bit thinner, but other than that, it’s pretty much perfect.

Moshi Aerio 7

On the inside of the bag you’ll find a big pocket for up to a 15″ MacBook Pro that has a velcro strip and two notebook sized pockets. I keep my LG G Pad and Moleskin Notebook in these pockets and they have plenty of room to expand outward to hold more. You could easily get four or five tablets in each pocket. In addition to these three pockets, there’s one more on the inside which is just kind of a generic “throw your cables in here” pocket. I keep my headphones, coffee mug, lunch Tupperware and any packages in between these pockets in the main storage area. There’s plenty of space to fit whatever you need.

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On the front of the bag is a large pocket and on the front of that is a smaller pocket that zips up. Both of these pockets extend to the bottom of the bag. This is where I keep battery backups normally since I don’t need to get to them as often. Under these two pockets are the plastic fasteners that keep the bag closed. Around back is a huge pocket that stretches the entire length and depth of the bag that secures with a zipper. This is great for large notepads and earbuds or whatever you need to get to quickly.

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There’s simply a ton of storage in this bag. I have the bag, I’m staring at it and I don’t know how it’s all fitting in there without it blowing up. It always feels slim and easy to handle.

The fit and finishes of the bag are excellent too. I have the black option that has a brown strap and details. It honestly looks really great. I prefer darker colors anyway so it really blends well. All of the zippers are silver with the Moshi logo and feel high quality while handle on the back is sturdy and well stitched.

Moshi Aerio 6

I’ve tried and tried and tried to find issues with this bag. I don’t want to write a review that seems like an advertisement for Moshi, but I really can’t find anything I dislike about this bag. It holds everything, it looks absolutely stunning and my shoulder never gets tired, even on long walks. This isn’t a cheap bag and it’s priced to match. The $150 price tag isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a bag that will last you a lifetime, this is it.

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