Alliteration aside (see what I did there?), I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Moto Pulse wireless headset. And let me tell you, I now want to buy a pair. Why is that, you ask? Well my friend, that’s what I’m here to do, to answer such questions!

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Setup was surprisingly easy for a Bluetooth headset. Almost perpetually the first time setting up a Bluetooth device to my phone is an arduous process of turning Bluetooth on and off, searching for a device, making both visible, so on and so forth.

However, turning the Moto Pulse on and pairing to both my smartphone and laptop was an instantaneous action. I was listening to audio without any qualms.

And that, is a beautiful thing.

What’s great about these headphones is you can pair it to two devices at once, and it will almost seamlessly play from each device when you stop audio on one and start audio on the other. I did this with my phone and computer often, and I could pause a video on my computer only to play music on my phone with no problem.


Again, using these headphones could not have been an easier thing to do. Any time I did struggle was because I was actually complicating things (I know, surprising).
On the right-ear cup are a myriad of buttons to control the audio from your device. Starting from the top going down, you have the power button, then volume up/next track, volume down/previous track, and lastly play/pause button, which also acts as the answer/end call button.

Usually when devices have buttons with dual purposes, it is a pain in the butt to perform the action you need. _TDT2497However, again I found that following the directions to perform an action would translate perfectly to the device. Skipping tracks, pausing sound, answering calls, everything was a seamless experience. What’s great is this seemingly works across all apps. At least the play/pause button worked with Google Play Music, Joyride, and YouTube. I can’t guarantee this per se, but it certainly seems hopeful.

Another great thing about these headphones is just how light they are. If it weren’t for the fact that I live in Phoenix, Arizona where the heat makes anything noticeable, I probably would have hardly noticed I had them at all. So, traveling with them was a breeze, whether it was around my neck or in my bag. A neat design choice Motorola added was that the headphone cups will turn so that the headset lays flat, making storage in a bag much better than just about any other set of headphones. I definitely preferred this method over headphones that fold in, but that might be personal preference. Add with all of this the fact that these are wireless headphones, and the Moto Pulse is the perfect set of headphones for travel.

Now one hesitation for wireless headphones is battery life. I’ll tell you straight-up, battery life is no problem for the Moto Pulse. Motorola claims 18 hours of usage for these, and yet, in some miraculous form of black magic, I’ve gotten about 24 hours of use. Generally a manufacturer’s claim for battery life rounds up, but for these they rounded down! Have you figured out yet why I love these so much?

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Now, I should front this section by saying this: I don’t necessarily consider myself an audiophile, however, I do drive my wife nuts by complaining that sound from our TV, car, etc doesn’t sound very good when she thinks it’s fine (maybe that’s just typical spousal bickering…). Point being, I don’t want audiophiles to come back with their torches and pitchforks when something I said wasn’t right.

With that out of the way, I thought the Moto Pulse sounds great. I can hear each instrument clearly, with good highs and lows. If anything, there were times where I wanted to feel the bass a bit more, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t fix with an equalizer on my phone. When listening to podcasts (with voices only), I could hear each voice crisply, and never felt as though I was missing something because I couldn’t understand someone.

So, these $60 pair of headphones isn’t going to win any audio awards necessarily, but I think 99% of the world is going to love the sound that come out of the headphones. If you need something more, then stop looking at $60 headphones!

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Ask anyone I’ve been bugging the last few weeks, I love these headphones. They sound good, feel good, are easy to setup and use, have a long battery life, and travel well. Further, they look good, and have no wires!

Now I know what you’re thinking: how much do I need to spend to enjoy these great headphones? $60. Yup. When it comes to wireless headphones that work well and sound good you’re generally looking to spend over $100. The Moto Pulse? Nope. $60.

Have I mentioned I love these headphones?

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