Looking for a great pair of wireless headphones to use with your Android? Look no further!

The Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 Foldable Headphones are a great addition to your phone accessory collection. They’re completely Bluetooth enabled, so you don’t need to worry about another thing getting tangled in your backpack. They’re foldable, durable, and offer clear music quality… What more could you want?

We’ve used these for 2 weeks, and think they’re really great. Check out our review, and see if they’re right for you and your Android!

Build Quality

mpow headphones2

The build quality/design portion is where the headphones shine. They’re made of a matted soft-touch plastic that gives it a premium feel. The inside of the headphones are a bit more rubbery to ensure they won’t slip off while you’re using them. The hinges extend out about 1-inch, so if you have a big head, these will do just fine. And they fold up nicely, so I wouldn’t be worried about throwing them in my backpack for the day.

Quite possibly the only aspect of the build we’d change is the earpieces. They’re made from a spongey material that just doesn’t seem to high-quality. The positive in having sponge earpieces is that they won’t stick to your ears like leather ones, but we’d still like to see a bit better quality go into the earpieces.

On one side sits a button that looks identical to the iPhone’s home button, with rewind/forward and -/+ buttons below it. These are used to turn on and off and control the headphones, which definitely comes in handy. Below the buttons sits an LED light used to show if they’re connected or not.

The headphones have a 300mAh Li-Ion battery inside, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot a first, but actually does reall well. Mpow quotes the headphones at 15 hours of music/talk time, while we could manage to get about 11. Still, that’s 11 hours of usage, and that’s pretty impressive considering the size of these things. And the battery only takes about three hours to charge. That’s definitely not bad considering you get almost a full days use out of a single charge.

Overall, they’re sleek, durable, and comfortable, and aside from the earpieces, we wouldn’t change anything about these.


mpow headphones3

The quality of the sound turned out to be pretty great. Bass and treble seemed to shine through, and we didn’t need to worry about EQing the music to accommodate for the headphones. Call quality was okay, and it sounded like we were talking on a speakerphone the entire time. It definitely isn’t something we’d like to do for an extended period of time, but it’s convenient when a call interrupts your music. And once again, back to the earpieces. Having the headphones at full volume generated a lot of noise if you aren’t the one using them, so if you’re the private type, you may want to try something else.

The controls were pretty easy to master. You have a multi-function button that pretty much does everything – answer calls, hang up, and turn on and off the headphones. There is a rewind/volume down key and a forward/volume up key that work just the way they’re supposed to.

The only difficult part of using these keys is switching devices. For example: if you’d like to switch from a phone to a computer, you can’t just turn Bluetooth off on the phone, and automatically connect to the computer. At least in my experiences, I needed to unpair the headphones in Bluetooth settings on my phone, then proceed to connect to the computer. It’s a bit of a hassle to do this every time you switch devices.


Overall, I really like these headphones. I had a few gripes, but nothing that would get me to not buy these. Battery life, build quality, and performance are all great. And, don’t forget, completely wireless. To be honest, if the headphones weren’t Bluetooth capable, I’d might tell you to pass. But for wireless, great quality headphones, you could do a heck of a lot worse than these. If you’d like your own pair, pick them up on Amazon for $37.99.

Do it. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. Hmm, I would have expected longer battery life given the BT 4.0.

    A while back, I bought Soundbot SB220 on Amazon. They don’t mention BT 4.0, but they do get great battery life. The product page officially says 20 hours time, but I can go at least a week between charges at full battery.

    Does the BT 4.0 do anything for sound quality at least? Do you have a non BT 4.0 headset to compare sound quality?

    • I do not, unfortunately. And I’m not quite sure if it has any effect on the quality of sound.

    • Bt4.0 have a APT-X technology, which is a un-pressed music quality.
      and BT4.0 cost much less than bt3.0, which results in a longer use time

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