One of the best parts about owning an Apple iPhone is the third-party accessory market. A lot of people skip over Apple’s own accessories and grab a case off Amazon or from Best Buy, but when they do that, they’re missing out on what I consider the best case on the market, the Apple Leather Case for iPhone. I’ve been searching for a leather case that replicated the quality of that Apple case for years now, and I think I finally have.

For the last few weeks, the Mujjo Leather Case for my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has been strapped to my phone and hasn’t come off*. The biggest factors for me when choosing a case are the quality of the materials, how bulky it is, and how much protection it adds. Mujjo’s case ticks all the boxes for me.

(*I listen to music while I shower so I leave the case downstairs to preserve the long-term life of it)

The Leather Case from Mujjo is just that, leather. A lot of cases claim to be leather or “vegan” leather, but they’re really just leather substitutes or a small bit of leather with substitutes mixed in. That’s not the case here. This case is full-grain leather that goes through a tanning processes. According to Mujjo, each case is treated with aniline oils to enrich color tones.

And truthfully, it feels fantastic in the hand. It’s been a few years since I’ve held an Apple Leather Case but I remember them being a bit more of a matte to the shiny Mujjo case. The Mujjo case is a little more slippery, but not to the point of being difficult to hold onto, and a little shinier but they’re both look and feel great in their own right.

In addition to feeling great because of the materials, it feels great to hold this case because it’s just so thin. Mujjo claims the case is 1mm thick, and while I don’t have tools precise enough to give me a reliable measurement, I don’t doubt the veracity of that statement. I’ve run through a million cases in my time and it’s one of the thinnest I’ve ever used for longer than a day or two. It’s just north of those snap-on cases that promise nothing but scratch resistance because they’re so thin that there’s no possible way they could protect against falls.

The cutouts wrap around the ports and buttons in an elegant way that shows real craftsmanship. One area where you can tell that Mujjo really knows what they’re doing is the camera cutout. Instead of using a reflective plastic border around the edge of the cutout, Mujjo kept the leather wrap here. I love this for a couple reasons, the first of which is that there’s nothing reflective to bounce the camera flash back into the lens. Secondly, the entire phone is black and it would really destroy the experience for me to have another accent color on the case.

If you’re looking for OtterBox level protection, this obviously isn’t the case for you. But, the case provides plenty of protection for your every day falls. The Galaxy S8 was recently ranked as the most fragile phone ever, and while I hate covering up beautiful phones with cases, you’d be silly to leave your $850 investment unprotected.

Case makers have been struggling a bit trying to get the height of the sides of their cases right due to the curved screen, but Mujjo did pretty well here. I actually find it’s a lot easier to find where to swipe in from the sides of the phone with a case on as it kind of guides my hands. It also helps me find the fingerprint sensor too, which is a big plus since it’s in such a silly place on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

When I do reviews, I try as hard as possible to be honest about the negatives I’m seeing with products. Nothing can ever be perfect. But, I genuinely don’t have any negatives about the Mujjo Leather Case. Sure, it’s won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but that comes down to personal preference rather than any design or material choices made by Mujjo. Hell, you can even charge your phone wirelessly with it on. Not many cases will allow you to do that.

If you’re interested in picking one up, you can head over to Mujjo’s site and grab one. They also offer them in Saddle Tan too if you don’t like the black.

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