With nine months of the year already in the book, it won’t be too long before we’re making plans for New Years Eve. Moreover, it’s about to dust off the ol’ resolution. For many people this means a pledge to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

While there are plenty of apps which are tremendous for counting calories and eating smarter, sometimes we need a little more help. To that end, a smart scale makes for a great accessory to have in the home.

One such scale, the Nokia (formerly Withings) Body, is a tempting option. Thanks to an affordable price point ($59.95) and a solid list of features, it’s an excellent device to have in the bathroom.

Available in black or white finishes the Nokia Body is essentially a traditional weight scale with BMI measurement. It can identify up to eight users, including babies, with the ability to set goals for weight. Moreover, it helps with calorie counting and budgeting as well as nutrition tracking.

The Nokia Body will automatically synchronize via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and tracks weight in both kilograms and pounds. There are Android (5.0+) and iOS (8.0+) apps available which give users the ability to see progress; the Health Mate app also tracks activity, sleep, weight, heart, and environment.

In addition to using the Health Mate options, the Nokia Body also integrates nicely with third party apps such as MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers, Google Fit and dozens of others.

The Nokia Body has a glass-fronted design which has sleek and very modern aesthetics. It offers up a 2.4-inch x 1.6-inch display which has both text and graphics capabilities. We found the glass to be cool to the touch but it was prone to pick up smudges.

There are four weight sensors in the scale with a body position detector. Step onto it and you’ll have screen arrows to help you shift your weight. Power comes in the form of 4 AAA batteries which ought to last for a good 18 months. There are four feet attachments you can put on the bottom of the scale to adapt it to carpet. Otherwise, feel free to place it on a hard surface such as wood, tile, or laminate.

Setup on the Nokia Health Mate app was pretty straightforward; pairing was simple in that you hold down the sync button (on bottom) to put it into the Bluetooth pairing mode. Walking through the initial app process you’re able to create a profile and setup  Wi-Fi network settings, too.

The app lets users configure what displays on the scale whenever it is stepped on. Want to see the weather forecast? How about what your weight trend is over the last few readings?  These are a simple as a toggle inside of the app and can be found fairly easy.

While the Nokia Body does automatically detect up to eight users, it’s based off of weight. So, should you have two people in the house with similar weight, you may have to manually assign a weigh-in. The scale will hold up to seven readings in the internal memory so, if you run into issues with synchronization, you should be good for few times.

The scale works well on its own; however, things get better if you’re using other Nokia/Withings products (See: Withings Steel review). This way you’ll have all of your details inside of the Health Mate app. But, thanks to the integration with other apps, you can still capture details with the scale that talk to other clients you may already be using.

One thing to keep in mind about BMI measurement with a device like the Nokia Body is that it relates primarily to height and weight. So, even if you’re not overly heavy and have a solid, muscular physique, you can still be listed with a high BMI. In other words it may not be that useful to some users.

The Nokia Health Mate has gotten much better over the last few updates. The most recent version is easy on the eyes with a clean layout and simple navigation. You may find yourself spending time in other apps, but when you’re in Nokia’s, you’ll have a decent amount of information. Those seeking other metrics such as heart health or full body composition are advised to check out the Nokia Body+ ($100) or the Nokia Body Cardio ($180).

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