There are plenty of Bluetooth Speakers available on the market. Each is unique in its own way. Some are more portable than others, some have better sound, some are super expensive and some just plain-out suck. Nyne, a great Speaker company, has been in the market for a few years, and their products such as the Nyne BASS, are great. Nyne’s more portable Speaker, the TT, is mean to pack everything a full-sized Bluetooth Speaker offers, in a smaller and more portable package. Here’s our review of it.




At first look the TT looks like the little brother of the BASS. The design is very similar, expect of-course that the TT is made to be more portable and small. And although it is smaller than the BASS, it surprisingly is still a full sized speaker, coming in at 10in x 2in x 6inches. Yet it can easily fit into your hand and is easy to carry around. If you’re not up for carrying it around in your hand, it takes up very little space in any bag, and even comes with its own bag that’s custom made for the TT.


The design of the TT is absolutely phenomenal, it has a very unique yet stylish design one that can tell you it’s good by just looking at it. In order to keep it standing up, a little kickstand is on the back, the kicstand felt more supportive and strong than I expected. In terms of feel, your get a nice and soft rubbery feel, which makes you want to hold it for hours, as opposed to the hard metallic feel, the your find in most other competing speakers. Most of the buttons are at the top of the speaker, and coated which a strong rubber material. The buttons are an area where the speaker falls short, they completely blend in with the speaker, although this isn’t really a problem under average-lit condition and when you stare the the buttons for a while, but it can be a problem in low-lit or when you want to press a button quickly without looking at it. Underneath the kickstand, you’ll find all your ports and the master-switch, where you can turn the speakers power on or off. The main ports are; power port to charge the battery, a USB port to charge your phone (very nice to see), and even a 3.5mm audio input jack (incase your device doesn’t support blueotooth, again nice to see). The overall design is amazing, it’s very high-end in terms of design and even more amazing considering the price.

Features and Specs

  • 10 Hrs. playtime
  • Built-in phone charging via USB
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 33 feet
  • NFC for simplified pairing
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Carry Case with shoulder strap
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Weighs 2lbs
  • 2.0 Stereo sound


The sound was a huge surprise factor. Nyne’s TT is small, portable, and has a plenty of features. But as soon as I played a song, I was amazed at it’s capability. Taking out the fact that it was small and low priced, this sound was absolutely brilliant. I have bought plenty of “high-end” speakers and headphones well-above the price of the TT, and have been amazed at the sound. You can hear every instrument, the voices and overall sound is clear, and the best-part was the bass. In songs with high-bass, you can actually feel the bass, and the speakers can do this without over-taking the song, altering it or ruining it in anyway. Also, the speakers can go super loud. I have to say the sound was probably the best part. However, I did notice an initial delay. You definitely won’t notice it when playing a song, but after playing Flappy Bird with the speakers, I noticed that there was a delay in when the sound would be played on the speakers, it is very small, and not something that would not make we want to buy it, but it’s there. My guess is that it’s because the speakers receive the Bluetooth signal a bit late, since I don’t receive the delay using a wired connection.


What it Needs

The speakers were great and I wouldn’t change many things about it, yet there are still some areas where it falls back. The main alteration that should be made would have to be a Bluetooth button, one that could allow to search for a new device instead of looking for the old one. Currently, you have to disconnect the Bluetooth on your device, then wait for the speakers to stop searching for it, then wait for the speakers to start searching for a new device. The whole process is a bit too long, and a simple button that looks for a new device could fix this.



The speaker is amazing, and definitely a buy for the price. Nyne’s TT is portable, delivers a great sound, has great features, a long battery and best off all a great $130 price tag. It excels in everything you look for in a Bluetooth speaker and delivers more than you expect in others. However if you are looking for something with the same price, with more sound capablities, but aren’t hugley concerned with ultra-portability, the Nyne BASS is your buy.

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