Despite society’s gripes about functionality, technology exists because we desire a simpler, easier existence. Nyrius aims to do that with their Songo Portable device, which turns an auxiliary into a Bluetooth setup, all in an easy, simple package. Let’s see if the Nyrius Songo Portable is worth getting.

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The Nyrius is easy enough to set up. If you have it plugged in the AUX port, you’ll actually hear voice prompts to help you know what to do next. Once you have it paired to your phone, it should automatically connect every time with no problem.

So, its easy and it works. Well. Glad we got through that.


The cool thing about the Nyrius is that its super small, and theoretically you can charge it, and then use its battery. The battery seemed to last a few days of usage when I tried using it unplugged. Combine those two things and you can tuck the Nyrius away easily. It comes with an adapter to allow you to use a longer AUX cord in the event that is what you want to do. Otherwise, it also comes with a little sticky that uses Velcro, so you can attach it to your dash, and remove it with no problem. Unfortunately, I live in Phoenix, so the heat made it never stay stuck.

Anyways, since pairing is easy, usage is easy is well. The Nyrius is meant to simplify your stereo, and it accomplishes exactly that. I love the design on it, as its cord can be tucked away, making it easy to carry in the event you want to use it in multiple places.

So, its easy and it works. Not sure what else I need to say. And that’s a good thing.

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The Nyrius’ sound quality is good. I couldn’t tell a difference between using it and using an AUX cord, or even the radio. Which means that the Bluetooth has a good connection and doesn’t get in the way of the sound.

So, its easy and… I think you get the idea.

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I know this review isn’t super in-depth, but that’s because there isn’t a need for it to be. The Nyrius Songo Portable exists to make your life simpler, and it accomplishes that beautifully. The best part it, its $25. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth adapter for that car stereo, speaker, or even earphones, the Nyrius Songo Portable is the device for the job.

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