In the past year we have seen a major shift in USB connectors from micro USB type-C. One of the biggest advantages of USB type-C is the plug’s reversibility factor.

Micro USB has been the standard for the past five plus years, and its biggest downside has been the non reversible plug. The non reversible plug makes it difficult to plug the tiny micro USB port into the female end of electronic devices.

When I was in my twenties, it wasn’t much of an issue since my eyes were perfect. But now that I am in my mid thirties, I am finding more difficult to plug the micro USB cables into my devices. I end up scratching the bottom of my phones and other devices rather badly.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge micro USB charging port

I’ve recently made the switch to reversible micro USB cables and love them. Not all of them are created equally, and Omaker’s cables are some of the best I’ve used so far.

Build and Usage


Omaker makes quality mobile accessories. I’ve used several of its products and have yet to be let down with a poorly made product. The reversible micro USB cables from Omaker have a standard USB type-A plug on one end with a nice braided sleeve over the cable to provide better durability. Many cables break at the connection point from the wire to the plug, but cables with braided sleeves tend to last much longer.

Where Omaker’s cables differ from other reversible micro USB plugs I have used, is the quality of the plug itself. There are quite a few manufacturers who claim to have reversible micro USB cables, but many of them fit too tightly. The precision required to get quality reversible micro USB plugs is high, and of the eight brands I have tried, only Scosche and Omaker ensure a smooth and comfortable fit. Others either fit too tight or loose. Omaker sits right in the middle and gets the fit just right.

Omaker reversible micro USB plug (bottom)

I actually purchased these cables to use, because my vision is getting worse with age. When I drive the last thing I want to do is fiddle with the cable I use to charge my Galaxy S7 edge. Omaker’s reversible micro USB cables are much safer to use in the car than the traditional micro USB cables. I’ve also replaced the traditional charging cables on my nightstand multi- port charging stand, because it’s especially hard to see at night when I am ready to charge my phone and tablets before I hit the sack.


Reversible micro USB cables don’t get as much attention as they should. While the industry is moving to USB type-C, there are still thousands of accessories, tablets and smartphones that still use micro USB. Omaker’s reversible micro USB cables are a pleasure to use and even make me wonder why didn’t someone do this sooner. If they did, we may not have even needed to switch to USB type-C to begin with.

I highly recommend Omaker’s reversible micro USB cables. You can get a pair for $12.99 on sale at Amazon now.

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