Regardless of carrier, Samsung Galaxy S III owners are advised to check out Ontrion’s line of extended battery options for the signature device.  Why?  Because they’re incredibly powerful, long-lasting, yet not so thick as to bulk up your handset.

We’ve had a chance to review a new Ontrion battery for the Galaxy S III that happens to offer NFC support and came away quite pleased with the results.  Rated at 3000mAh, we found that this battery gets us through a good and a half before we are forced to juice up.  Of course, being longtime Android users, we’re trained to charge our phones up a few times a day.  That said, the Galaxy S III extended battery is considerably better than the life you get from your out-of-box experience.  But, at what cost?  At only $34.99 we find this to be an easy call to make.  Not only does the battery consistently last all day long, but it has yet to diminish in overall capacity.  In other words, it lasts us just as long today as it did on day one.

Perhaps our favorite facet of this battery is that it does not make our Galaxy S III feel fat or awkward in hand.  We’ve seen in some instances that extended batteries and cases can make for a weird backside and or uneven weight.  That’s not the case here as it still manages to give a sleek look and tapered overall design.

It’s quite easy to Google extended batteries and end up with something dirt cheap.  The problem, as some of you can attest, is that cheap is not always the same as quality.  In fact, we’ve found instances where a so-called extended battery would perform worse than the standard out-of-the-box model.  That’s not the case with the Ontrion we reviewed. The same could be said for the packaging of extended batteries as many no-name devices come packed loosely in a box, with no certification or official approval. Ontrion batteries, on the other hand, come in a 100% recycled package and include all the necessary FCC stuff.

You can purchase an extended battery for the Galaxy S III in a number of options.  Depending on your taste or needs, you can grab one in a blue or white cover and with or without NFC support. While it might not be the exact same color shades as Samsung’s cases, these are classy and sharp nonetheless.


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