We review quite a few accessories here at AndroidGuys and some of my favorites are the ones that are unexpectedly fun. I’ve been using a Bluetooth combo led light and speaker from a company called Origem and think it’s worth your consideration.

Let’s check out the Origem Magic Lamp.


dsc06259The Origem Magic Lamp is a combination LED lightbulb and wireless speaker. It’s a bit larger than regular light bulbs, since it houses a speaker, but uses the same standard E27 threading that almost all of your bulbs use. It’s intended to be used in lamps, light fixtures or anywhere else that has a light socket.


The speaker sits inside of the housing with the LED light ring at the top. You don’t typically see combination products like this in big box stores such as Best Buy or Walmart which is why this review is fun for me.


  • 16M color LED lights
  • E27 Base
  • Bluetooth speaker/light combo
  • 300 Lumens
  • 7.4 x 4.9 x 4.6 inches



For the sake of this review, I installed the Origem Magic Lamp into my photo light fixture in my office. However, I used the Magic Lamp on my patio for the duration of this review, since San Diego pretty much has year around good weather where I can sit outside and enjoy music.

The Magic Lamp connects over Bluetooth once screwed in and powered on. You can download the iLight app at the Google Play Store for Android or the iOS App Store for Apple devices. Once paired to a smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth, you can then open the iLight app and control the light and speaker independently.


The app is very intuitive and easy to use. In the center of the app is where you will find the color wheel that allows you to change the LEDs up to 16M different colors. Or you could simply select the four preset colors at the bottom and the light will change to them. At the top is where you will find different modes for enjoying your light – Normal (solid), Rhythm which flickers to the beat of the music, Rainbow which changes the light to the light spectrum, Pulse which changes at a regular frequency and Candle which makes the light mimic a candle flickering in the wind.

I didn’t think the light features would excite me much, but to be honest the change in light made for a great mood setter. I found myself using the light modes and different colors when I had friends over for drinks. It was quite the conversation starter, but luckily, it was too high for them to unscrew and take home since they all wanted it for themselves.

The internal speaker is surprisingly loud in the Magic Lamp. It’s certainly loud enough to hear in other rooms when played at maximum volume. When sitting under it on the patio, it can be played at 50-75% of maximum for comfortable listening. There isn’t an excess of bass with the speaker, however the mids and highs are detailed enough to make it more than acceptable to listen, to no matter the room.

At 300 lumens you shouldn’t expect it to be the brightest light in the room. While I use the Magic Lamp as a patio light, it might be best suited in a desk or night stand lamp. It provides enough white light to read a book under, or colorful mood lighting when the room is dark.

It’s a great combination of two wireless devices that helps keep things simple.



The Origem Magic Lamp is a fun Bluetooth speaker/LED light combo that is well worth its price tag of $29.88 at Amazon. If you separated the two you would have a solid LED light and an above average mini speaker, but combining them makes them a fun accessory.

The included app for the iLight makes the experience of using the lamp very easy and simple. It only took me about two minutes to get the light screwed in, connected and flickering all without reading the instructions. You might have difficulty locating the app since it isn’t listed in words, instead it is listed as a 2D barcode on the side. I’ll list the app links below to make things easier for you if you get the Magic Lamp, or you can simply search for iLight in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

It’s a fun lamp and speaker that I enjoy regularly on my patio. This will make a great gift at the reasonable price of $29.88.

Check out the Origem Magic Lamp at Amazon today.


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