From the makers of bluetooth keyboards, wireless chargers, solar chargers, cases and more, OXA is here to show off its Mini Bluetooth Speaker that’s compatible with any phone or iPod, and has a variety of connections including AUX, Bluetooth and micro SD cards. It’s a nifty little speaker that packs a punch and lasted me about 5 1/2 hours before I had to charger it via USB.

When I see most little speakers like this one in stores, my immediate thought is low quality music for a low price. You get what you pay for, right? But for a product to really shine and stand out, there has to be a value that outweighs the price. There has to be sound that makes a bigger impression than the price, and in this case, battery life that makes it all worth the trouble. This is one of those speakers that indeed speaks for itself with the quality and decent volume it offers.

The volume of the speaker can get pretty high considering the size. At the highest it was a little bit uncomfortable to hear of course, but when it was used outside it sounded much better at the highest volume, and made its presence pretty well heard if you’re considering using it for an outside hangout. At a moderate volume indoors, it sounded just right, with no noticeable muffle at all and the treble sounded great.

While the sound quality was pretty great, there is little to no bass on this of course, with this being such a small speaker, so I don’t recommend this to any dubstep or electronic music lovers. But of course, this isn’t meant to be your home theatre or primary computer speakers. The design behind these mini speakers is for you to enjoy your music on the go and move around with it while maintaining some pretty good quality music.IMG_5818

If you are planning to take these on the go, say to a camping trip where I took mine, you’ll be pleased to know that I got just over 5 1/2 hours before it turned off, which was more than I expected for the sound it was giving and the size. I am pleased to state that the endurance of the speaker is not something you should worry about. Especially when you can buy a separate battery to swap it out or simply plug it in the charge.

Bluetooth capabilities were smooth as can be, with my Nexus 4 easily connecting with the speaker as soon as it turned on, and the sound sounded exactly the same as when I plugged in the phone with AUX, which is awesome.

Build quality is decent, as long as you don’t drop it on hard floor or off a roof. It looks like a sleek little device and is pleasing to look at, however I wasn’t a fan of the buttons. They require some effort to push and it wasn’t very satisfying once you did. The volume buttons, which are the same as holding the previous and next buttons,  could have been handled better too, which you have the hold the buttons for some time before getting the volume to turn up or down. While you can also adjust the volume on your phone of course, sometimes adjusting it on the speaker is necessary.

Overall, I recommend this speaker for it’s great sound, amazing portability, decent build quality and good Bluetooth capabilities. You can buy one on Amazon here for $24.99 and save $45.


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