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Smartphones are not cheap. In fact, if you already have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge you know this all too well. Almost 800 bucks is the current going rate.

The debate is fierce, do I go “NAKED’ and show off the beauty of this very expensive pocket size computer. Or do I cover all the beautiful glass and metal up with a case, so that it lasts longer than the first day when inevitably I drop it on the sidewalk, face down and try to convince myself that ” it didn’t drop that hard. The screen is fine!” only to pick it up and to realize that even though “it didn’t drop that hard” it’s now a shattered mess that will cost almost as much to fix as replace.

I say COVER IT UP! Protect that investment and put a good case on it. Even though it’s not 100% certain that it still won’t break, there is a lot better chance of it dropping and being ok with a case on.

Back in package
Back in package

The Scoop

Enter the Pelican Protector! Pelican has been at the “protecting things” game for a long time. 40 years in fact! It started out making Scuba diving gear, and have since moved into protecting everything imaginable.

Which so happens to include the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Protector is “Tested to Military Specifications to survive multiple drops”, has impact absorbing TPR rubber lining to protect the electronics inside the phone, and angled edges to divert energy and protect the screen from surface contact. The case is made with hard plastic and rubber for “two layer” protection. 



Summing it up

This case has a hard plastic back, but softer rubbery side walls. There is a rubber ring around the back that helps it not slip around when the phone is sat down on its back and when it’s in your hand. This case is two layers, not two pieces like with some other cases.

The smooth look of the hard plastic with rubber grips in all the right places make this case from Pelican visually pleasing and feels great in your hand.

Some drawbacks are the power and volume buttons are a little bit too small and take just a slightly harder push than I would like. Also the charging port cutout is slightly smaller than the non-Samsung chargers I have. Neither of those issues are a deal breaker by any means.

The other drawback for me specifically is I use a magnetic CD tray mount in my car (LIKE THIS ONE). The thickness of the hard plastic on the back, and the slippery section in the middle where the magnet connects, made my phone fall off the mount while driving. I really like the look and feel of this case and definitely feel my phone is protected from drops. Also, this case comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the case if it breaks. “Guaranteed For Life: You break it, we replace it” is the Pelican’s motto.

You can buy the Pelican Protector at Amazon HERE for around $39.99 with free shipping included.

You can also learn more at Pelican.




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