If you spend your days looking at a computer screen, laptop, or phone, you surely know that it can be mentally draining. All those lines and dots staring at you really takes a toll on you and before you know it, you’re rubbing your eyes and temples, fighting off headaches.

Just about everything you work with, including the device you’re using right now, has some form of a screen. Then, when it comes time to unwind at night, what do we do? We spend more time staring at another display.

Eye strain is a real thing and it sucks. Not only that, but the blue light that emits from our devices doesn’t do our brains any favors either. Sure, a lot of phones, laptops, and tablets have the ability to toggle off blue light, but not enough of them.

If you find that you spend six-eight-ten hours of a day looking at a display, you might want to consider a pair of eyeglasses designed for computer users. They’re a relatively newer concept and one that we’re glad see come along.

While the term “computer glasses” conjures up images of nerdy types with generic frames, and one-design-fits-all aesthetics, the truth is you can get some really stylish ones. And the best part? They don’t cost all that much.

Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear is a company that specializes in computer glasses. It offers standard lenses that protect against the blue light that comes from computers and other screens as well as an “Amber” line for heavier users and those who spend a lot of night time on devices.

Further, you can also shop for sunglasses that filter out UV and blue light. Taking things a step further, you can order lenses with your prescription, too. Indeed, there are frames and designs for men, women, unisex, and children.

Our team was provided with a pair of the standard lenses and a pair of the Amber lenses. We’d previously spent time with other blue light/computer glasses in the past and came to appreciate how much they help.

We received the “Buteo” pair of computer glasses and the “Meru” pair of Amber lenses. Both look similar at first blush but a closer inspection reveals one is slightly more squarish while the other is closer to a rectangle.

Both pair of glasses are comfortable, very light, and slip on easily. There’s no real size guide or fit to worry about, however Pixel does have a guide to help find something that might be more flattering to your face shape.

It doesn’t take long to forget that you’re wearing the glasses, even the Amber lens. If you keep these near your PC, we imagine you’ll still be working on that morning coffee before remembering that you have them on.

Given that we spend about eight hours looking into three monitors and another few watching TV and using phones, we preferred the Amber. They have slightly yellowish tint to them and call to mind what hunters might use. Once on, the blues in your screens diminishes and everything does get a slight amber.

Wear them for a few minutes and you don’t even notice the tint. It’s not until you take them off again that you realize how much different things are. It’s after wearing them that you get a true sense of the blue that’s emitted.

One of the worst parts about this time of year is that the days are so short. It seems we get very few hours of daylight to work with, and even then it’s often grey and overcast. That high contrast of dark rooms and bright screens is dangerous and taxing.

Results will vary from person to person and depend on which lens you go with. We can’t say which is right for you, but we do recommend giving a look.

It’s not just some placebo effect, either. We tried using these for 3-4 days at a time and then not using them for the same amount of time. It’s noticeable.

Side effects can often include better sleep, reduced eye strain, improved focus, and fewer headaches. That’s exactly what we experience.┬áDay after day we find less anxiousness or mental drain.

We recommend these for anyone who might spend their day on a PC or laptop. We recommend them for anyone who watches TV to go to sleep at night. We recommend them for anyone who stares endlessly at their phone.

In all reality, there’s a high likelihood that you might fit any of the aforementioned scenarios. Chances are good that you go from one screen to the next throughout your day, never really giving your eyes and brain a chance to relax.


Prices start at about $75 for the standard computer glasses and Amber line; look to spend around $125 for the prescription lenses. A lot of the models are unisex and can be shared with members of the family or co-workers on different shifts.

Pixel provides a 30-day return policy so that’s more than enough time to see if they work for your needs. Pixel will also offer you an exchange with recommendations based on the fit of the pair you originally purchased.

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