20150919_141330In the market for some new accessories to enhance your mobile experience? You’ve got a really sweet Android phone and now it’s time to add a few goodies.

There are a ton of companies out there offering up portable batteries, external power sources, cords, and other general smartphone accessories. We’ve played with a bunch of ’em over the years and have come to appreciate a handful of brands. One such company, Ventev, has been putting out one solid product after another; we have always been impressed with its offerings.

We recently had the chance to check out a number of newer items from the Ventev and think you’d enjoy learning a little bit about each.  Let’s get to it!

wall charginghub 200 The Ventev wall charginghub 200 plugs into your existing outlet and adds a 2.4A output as well. Essentially, you’re adding a USB output to an existing outlet without giving up that existing plug in the wall. It takes up about twice as much space (width) as a normal plug however it’s practical and provides a convenient place to plug in your phone or tablet.

powercell 3015cIf you need to charge up on the go there are two options we reviewed: The powercell 3015c battery charger with micro usb cable and the powercell 10000+ battery charger. As the names likely tip you off, the former provides 3000mAh of juice that can be taken with you on the go.

Not much thicker than, say, a small stack of credit cards, this guy comes with an integrated Micro USB port, on/off button, and an LED battery level indicator. You can push the power button to find out how much do you have left based on four indicator lights. We particularly liked how shiny and sleek this one was, and appreciated the orange accents found in the sides.

powercell 10000+ battery charger For those who need more, the powercell 10000+ gives you 10,000mAh battery and features built in cords (a few inches) for both micro USB as well as lightning ports.  Simply peel out the one you want or need and plug it in. This capacity is enough to charge a typical phone up 2-4 times.

The top of the unit has an LED power display which tells you how much juice is left using a scale of 0-100%. There’s a battery check button sitting directly next to it that can be pressed to pull up the current read out. A nice, albeit handy feature that we appreciate is that you can plug this one directly into the wall. No dock, no extra cords.

Note, you do have to push the power button to get this one enact charging. Don’t forget – when you plug your phone in, it wont start charging until you literally turn it on.

usbcharginghub 400If you are like me, then you tend to charge two or three devices at a time, perhaps on the nightstand or office table. The usbcharginghub 400 takes an existing outlet and turns it into four USB ports. The cord is 5 feet long so there’s plenty of length to tuck this one behind the desk or in a moderately hard to reach place.

One of the four outlets is 2.4A while the other three are your standard USB outlets. If you need to charge a tablet or a quick charge-capable device, you will want to use the 2.4A port, however overnight charges work just fine on all four.

chargesync micro usb cables6inchWhen it comes to charging devices at the wall, on the desk, or out and about,  we need to make sure we have the right cables. To that end Ventev offers a variety of options. On the absolute short end of things is a Universal 6-inch USB cable. On one end you have the standard USB port, on the other hand you have your micro USB port. Indeed, it’s 2.1A compatible so you can use it to charge up or sync your information to and from a laptop and a phone.

chargesync micro usb cables6ftOn the other end of the spectrum, we have a six foot cable that is also tangle-free. Not quite ribbon-like, it is still a flat cable that is offered in a variety of colors. We’ve played with gray, blue, and the traditional orange from Ventev. These are stylish and easy to identify. If you plug in a variety of devices, my recommendation is to choose different colors for different devices.

Head over to Ventev’s website and you’ll find a whole host of products that work with general smartphones and iPhones. Some are device-specific while others cast a wider net and work for just about anything you’ll use.

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