As a pest control technician, I have to drive everywhere, so car chargers are very important for me. With The iClever Dual USB Car Charger, I can now quickly charge my devices as I drive from A to B.


The dual charger has a slick design that allows you to charge up to two devices at the same time. It has a relatively small profile, making it fit easily into any power outlet your vehicle has, without poking out too much, while giving you peace of mind that you will have enough power for your devices. The charger easily slides in and out of the power socket, but not too easily. Once in, it will stay put until you are ready to unplug it.

Just like iClever’s desktop chargers, this car charger also features their Smart I.D. technology. This means that whatever device you plug in will charge at its max rate. Now, if you are using your phone to listen to music, as I do, or have multiple processes running, this may potentially slow down your charge speed, but not by much.


The design is pretty small, for a dual port charger. Once plugged in, it sticks out less than half an inch. IMG_5247The width is about and inch, so it shouldn’t interfere with anything else in your vehicle. It also has a blue indicator light, telling you if you have power or not. This light is only visible through the USB ports, so if you have something plugged in, it is not visible at that point.

With other car chargers, I have had issues where they either slide out too easily or it feels like I will yank the entire dashboard out with it. With iClever, they have designed it the charger to slide in and out with ease while staying in place until you are ready to remove it.


I have gotten the best use out of this charger while I work. I typically drive anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to get to a customer, and usually about an hour and a half to get back home. Ever since getting this charger, I haven’t had to worry about what my screen brightness is, or whether my GPS is on. At least, not while I’m at work.

For regular use, this is still a great charger. Small trips can help to maintain your current charge levels, such as to the gas station or grocery store. This is definitely a must have if you are planning a road trip.


I absolutely love this car charger, not only because of the quality but also the price. The iClever Dual USB Car Charger is currently on sale at Amazon for $9.99.

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