OXA Dual USB Free GiftsHave you ever tried charging a Galaxy Note (I, II or 3) on a charger for a less powerful phone? You probably found out that the charger was not strong enough. In fact, in many cases the charge produced is only strong enough to power the device and maintain the current state but not actually charge it. In the car charger field, this is something that many of us run across when trying to charge our tablets or larger, more powerful cell phones. OXA has came up with a great solution that lets you charge not one, but up to two larger cell phones or tablets at once.

The OXA USB Dual Port Car Charger can charge up to two devices using up to a total of 4.2 amps, 2.1 for each USB port. Many of the dual port chargers you find will charge 1 device at 2.1 amps and the other device at 1.0 amps. The 1.0 amps is not quite enough juice to power up your larger smartphone plus another larger smartphone or a tablet at the same time.


Opening up the box, I found a two nice surprises in addition to the car charger. First is a microfiber cleaning cloth branded with the OXA logo and a nice thank you note. The second was a rubber tipped stylus to use on my smartphone or tablet. For the $9.99 price tag of this charger, having the extras like this were a definite plus and makes the customer feel like they got a little extra bang for their buck.

OXA Dual USB Charger Charger Ports

The device itself looks good and feels sturdy using a good, strong quality plastic. Plugging it in was a breeze and connecting the devices. The first device connected was the Galaxy Note II. It charged without a problem, clicking up from 47 percent to 48 percent in a matter of a minute or so. Now the challenging part, time to connect the Sony Xperia Z Tablet. As claimed by OXA, both devices were charging at the same time. I did not notice any real difference on the charge time either after both devices were plugged in and charging. This is due to it being a higher amp device and giving each USB port connection 2.1 amps each.

My experience with the OXA USB Dual Port Car Charger is that it is a superb charger. It is great and fits the needs of most people who need to charge more than one device at a time. You can find the OXA USB Dual Port Car Charger on Amazon for only $9.99. It comes with free two-day shipping if you are enrolled in Amazon Prime.

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