Review: Motorola H15 Bluetooth Headset

If you’re in the market to pick up a new Bluetooth headset for your Android phone, I recommend the Motorola Pure H15 from the AndroidGuys Store.  I recently spent some time with the device and found it to be rather impressive. The CrystalTalk technology works exactly as I would have hoped, cleaning up background noise and making the person on the other end sound much clearer.  It’s a lot like how the second (or third) microphone works on many Android phones.

The ear hook is thin and flexible yet it’s surprisingly strong.  I was able to fit it around eyeglasses and flip it from ear to ear without any hassles.   I typically don’t mess with Bluetooth headsets but the Pure H15 is one that I would pick back up.  Most of the high end headsets look a tad too “chic” for me and often end up too small.  Like most Bluetooth headsets, the front features the call button with a volume rocker on the spine.  The indicator light is also found on the side , which might be confusing or off-putting for some.  Personally, I could care less.  Once the headset is on, I can’t see the indicator, regardless of location.

I enjoyed the fact that the Motorola was somewhat bulkier without feeling like a nuisance.   For those who cared about exact figures, the H15 measures 1.54 inches long by 0.94 inch wide by 0.47 inch thick.

You can pick up a Motorola Pure H15 from the AndroidGuys Store for $49.95 today!  We also offer models from BlueAnt, Jabra, and Jawbone.

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