Phone protection is extremely important. While some prefer to use their phone bare (I can’t blame you, I used to be one of you), I now find myself wanting something to protect my $850 pocket computer. But, the problem for me is that I LOVE slim phones and premium materials. That’s why I’ve kind of been in love with Samsung’s phones since it redesigned them in 2015. The combination of glass and metal is just a dream.

So, I’m constantly on the hunt for super thin cases or something with a niche. A cool material on the back, an ultrathin design, a really cool, bright color. It’s can’t be the standard $20 case from Amazon if I’m going to use it long term. That’s where Samsung’s Clear Cover case comes in.

I normally avoid first party accessories because they’re always overpriced. Seriously, $50 for a case is absurd but our friends over at MobileFun sent over the $22 slim case ($18 for the Galaxy S8 version) for me to check out and I’ve so far been impressed.

The Clear Cover is one of the thinnest I’ve ever used. The polycarbonate construction means that the case can be incredibly thin but still pretty strong. It’s also more flexible instead of rigid which is what you want so it can absorb the impact of falls. While I don’t think the Clear Cover is going to provide a ton of protection in case of falls, it’s better than having nothing on the phone. The S8 and S8 Plus are incredibly fragile phones and I’d rather have some bumper protection on the sides of the device, especially since it has that curved display, than send it in for a very expensive repair.

There are cut-outs around the power, volume, and Bixby buttons instead of covering them. This was a great design choice since Samsung phones are notorious for their excellent, clicky buttons. The small lip of the case will protect your display if you are for some reason placing it face down on a table, but it’s actually not raised over the glass screen protector I have on the phone.

One thing that Samsung has seemed to figure out that other case manufacturers haven’t is the lip on the bottom of the phone. If you have a sharp lip where the phone sits on your pinky, it can be incredibly frustrating if you hold your phone for any period of time. The soft material, light phone, and ultralight case all add up for a good experience. I noticed no pain in my pinky beyond what I’d normally have after long browsing sessions.

I really like the Clear Cover by Samsung. The company markets it as an ultra thin case and it truly delivers there. The translucent but tinted case also looks excellent too. You can see the awesome design Samsung put into the S8 Plus but add a bit of tint to it too. The Black version that I have blends perfectly with the Black S8 Plus I own but you can also grab it in Violet, Silver, Blue, Gold, and Pink. These aren’t going to be show-stoppers, but they are going to add just a little bit of design flair to an already excellently looking phone.

Do buy this case if: You’re looking for some slight scratch protection, a case that doesn’t add any bulk or cover up the industrial design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Do not buy this case if: You’re looking for serious OtterBox-like protection or want the cheapest case possible.

If you’re interested in the Samsung Official Clear Cover, head on over to our friends at MobileFun and grab one for the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

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