Many believe that the only use for a vacuum is cleaning carpets. In my personal experience vacuums only have the function of picking up dust and dirt but do not actually scrub the dirt off a hard floor. However, with the Roborock S7 robot vacuum I have found this is not the case. The Roborock not only has vacuuming but also an easy-to-use mopping feature.

While I was fortunate enough to review the Roborock S7, I also got to experience the power of the Roborock auto empty dock. This dock automatically empties the Roborock every time it vacuums and has a lot of space. For example, after vacuuming daily for a week, the Roborock dock was still not even close to full.

Key Features of Roborock S7

  • Sonic Vibrating Mop
  • Intelligent Mop Lifting
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition
  • Multi-Directional Floating Brush
  • Intense 2500Pa Suction
  • LiDAR Navigation with Multi-Level Mapping
  • 180min Max Runtime
  • No-Go Zones and No-Mop Zones

Cleaning Capabilities

The Roborock S7 vacuum is able to sense different surfaces as cleans. That is to say it understands the difference between a hard wood or vinyl floor versus when it’s on carpet.

As someone who owns a very shaggy carpet, I can also say that the Roborock is able to get deeper into my carpet than any other vacuums I have used. Heads up, as someone who has long hair and lives with people who have long hair, users should be cautious that hair can get caught in the vacuums spinning arm. Not to worry, though, as it’s easily remedied and it has never affected the cleaning capabilities of the vacuum.

The mopping feature of the vacuum is easy to set up and easy to use. One simply fills up the water tank of the vacuum and installs the mopping brush. When sending the Roborock to mop an area that contains some carpeted portions you don’t have to worry. The Roborock S7 has the capabilities to retract the mopping feature through sensors and keep vacuuming when going over carpets. I purposely rubbed dirt into the floor and was pleased when I saw that the mopping feature did remove it.

User Experience

The Roborock has a very user-friendly set up process. After the unboxing of the product the vacuum, about the size of a medium pizza or baseball base, simply plug into the wall and start charging. You’re pretty much ready to go.

If one wishes to vacuum then and there, you can easily do so by hitting the power button twice. For what it’s worth, the manual recommends that one connects Roborock S7 to the mobile app first.

Through the app one can start the vacuum map out their house and spot vacuum various places throughout one’s home. Although one can still spot vacuum without connecting to the app through the buttons on top of Roborock.

Once the vacuum is started it will use the sensors on the sides of the vacuum to trace the room. It will then divide the house into squares and vacuum the individually. These squares are what one can choose from in terms of spot vacuuming various places within the house. If things such as furniture change in the house, in my experience, Roborock can adapt.

For those of you who have a second floor or stairs, fear not about the Roborock S7 taking a tumble down the steps. The vacuum is intelligent enough to understand where the edges are and keep from going over. Moreover, if you have areas where you want to keep the vacuum away, it’s possible using “no-go” zones.

If you use Google Home, Alexa, or Siri in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that the vacuum can be controlled via your voice. The app also gives you control, of course, letting you see where carpets are and where the mop or vacuum has been.

The Roborock Auto Empty Dock

The Roborock came with a dock that plugs into the wall. This dock acts as a home for your Roborock, charges the product, and automatically empties the vacuum. After Roborock is finished vacuuming it will automatically go back to its charging dock, empty the vacuum, and start charging.

If one would like to manually empty the dock, they can do so by pressing the home button on top of Roborock. Because of this dock the Roborock S7 will never get full. The dock has lots of space, and from my experience thus far you’ll have about a month’s worth of vacuuming before emptying it.

The auto empty dock contains two parts, a bag that contains the picked-up dirt and a filter. It has a noticeably strong suction and once the bag is full one easily empties it by simply pulling the bag tab. Installation of a new bag is also easy; one simply places the bag in the top if the auto emptying dock and slide the carboard into the place holder.

Final Thoughts

If you want to easily clean your house without doing all the work yourself I recommend you consider picking up a Roborock S7 to do it for you. It is easy to use for anyone and takes very little time to set up. And for simple mopping and vacuuming it’s great to have doing the dirty work for you on a daily basis.

The Roborock will talk to you during its cleaning process such as when it’s done or if it need to go back to its dock for emptying, a touch that I found helpful. And because of the auto emptying dock, the Roborock S7 is able to maintain a small footprint but punch a large punch.

I’ve tried many times to clean my shag carpet with a normal vacuum and just cannot get the job done. Roborock can clean much better than any vacuum that I have used. Combined with is mopping tool, it is the ultimate cleaning tool for any household.

Where to Buy

You can learn more about the Roborock S7 and all of its features at the manufacturer’s website where it’s also available to purchase. Look for it in black and white color options. The robot vacuum is also available through Amazon and Walmart.

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