The HTC 10 is sexy smartphone. If you’re keen on keeping that slick metal casing pristine, then you must cover it up. Like many smartphone enthusiasts, I’m also not a fan of throwing a plastic case on top of a beautiful design. Fortunately, Spigen has a good variety of options that attempt to not be too invasive. Here are a couple of the slimmer cases the company offers that might just tickle your fancy.

Thin Fit Cases

Spigen’s Thin Fit cases are the slimmest ones in its lineup. They’re more your typical snap-on kind of case, in which you sacrifice some protection for slimness (also meaning that it’s super easy to install and remove). Strangely, Spigen only offers two variants: Gunmetal and…Mint. Not sure why there’s not a wider range of colors, but I figure that the Gunmetal model should set well with most people. Let’s check that out first.

Gunmetal Thin Fit Case

I find the Gunmetal case to be the most interesting out of the bunch, because of the choice of material and color. In practice, it’s just a hard, snap-on case, but the grippy finish puts it above the rest. It’s somewhat rubbery and sticky to the touch (not in a bad way), which makes handling leaps and bounds better than with the phone’s bare surface. The case is reluctant to leave your hand.

Additionally, the styling is a big plus. It’s superbly metallic in appearance, perfectly complimenting the HTC 10’s fancy build. On-lookers should be hard-pressed to tell that they’re not looking at a charcoal version of the phone. It even mimics the HTC 10’s exaggerated chamfer that’s along the rear perimeter.

Being that these are snap-on cases, the top and bottom of the phone are exposed. The sides are pretty robust, though. They completely wrap around and leave a substantial lip on each side of the front. You should have no worry laying the phone face down on a table.

A slight concern I noticed is that the camera and back-facing microphone cutouts don’t line up perfectly.

I’d expect that such an established case-maker would have impeccable cutouts. Tsk tsk, Spigen.

Spigen Thin Fit Gunmetal Case link

Mint Thin Fit Case

The shape and fit of the Mint Thin Fit variant is the same as the Gunmetal. But the material has a more typical hard plastic finish. It’s nicely matte, and despite being smooth, there’s still plenty of grip. But that color…

I’m just not a fan, and while it looks a little better in person than the promo pics (not as bright), it’s still an eyeful of pale green. But I won’t dwell further on the color, it’s subjective. The Mint Thin Fit case offers the same amount of protection as its brother. But I found the cutouts to be better aligned on my Mint model. Maybe I got a bad Gunmetal unit.

Spigen Thin Fit Mint Case link

Crystal Shell Case

Spigen’s Crystal Shell case is a good alternative to the Thin Fit. You get a bit better protection, but while there’s more substance to the case, the fact that it’s completely clear allows the phone’s design to still be relevant. The case’s build is a combination of hard plastic (back cover) and flexible TPU material (around all sides).

This allows the Crystal Shell case to have a Military Grade protection rating for your phone (MIL-STD 810G). The case’s thickness slightly raises above the camera module and front glass. This is probably the best balance of protection and slimness.

There are cutouts on the top and bottom of the phone for all the ports. The power and volume buttons aren’t exposed; there’s matching TPU inserts that push into the actual buttons. It works just fine.

Spigen Crystal Shell Case link

Final Thoughts

Spigen continues to do a great job. It could do better in some areas, but for the most part, these are solid cases. If you care about looks, I strongly suggest that Gunmetal model. I loved it. But I suggest Spigen to look into quality control of those cutouts.

For more info on these cases, or others available, check out Spigen’s HTC product list.

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