Here at AndroidGuys, we love phone accessories. Cases are the most popular type of phone accessory, everyone seems to have one. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the product lineup from one of the biggest brands in the world, Verus. Verus was gracious enough to send over some of its Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases, so let’s get to it!

Shine Guard Series

The Shine Guard Series from Verus is one of my favorite cases on the market today. The clear back case has a “crystaline design” that combines some frosted elements and some clear plastic to show off the beautiful Galaxy S7 Edge while still adding its own touch of design. The sides of the case feature a bumper designed to absorb impact while still looking good.

The case does an excellent job of walking the line between protection and keeping a slim design. Coming in at 6.20″ x 3.10″ x 0.50″, the Shine Guard Series adds less than a third of an inch to all sides of the case and weighs less than an ounce.

The lip of the case is there to protect the screen from scratches and does a good job without getting in the way of the function of the phone. It actually helps me get a more reliable swipe from the left since I know where to start swiping at. The case comes in three colors; black (pictured), gray, and clear. You can pick it up at Amazon, eBay, MobileFun, Verus’ website, and WalMart.

Triple Mixx Series

The Triple Mixx series is focused a little more on protection than the previously mentioned Shine Guard Series. There are some shared elements, like a mostly clear back connected to a TPU bumper, but it adds a little more bulk to protect your phone in case of falls.

The Triple Mixx measures in at 6.15″ x 3.00″ x 0.45″, which adds almost the exact same amount of bulk as the Shine Guard series, but is a little bit heavier at 1.1 ounces. The extra little bit of bulk and weight can be attributed to the dual layer case design, which features a hard polycarbonate back, impact resistant TPU layer, and “metallic” polycarbonate bumper.

A lip protects the screen so you won’t have to fear it getting scratched, but doesn’t interfere with swiping back and forth. I’m not as in love with the Triple Mixx series as I am with the Shine Guard series due to the little bit of added bulk and the vertical lines on the back of the phone feeling pretty different, but it definitely has some advantages. I do like how much more grip it provides to a slippery phone and how sturdy my phone feels while in the case.

You can pick up the Verus Triple Mixx series at Amazon, eBay, MobileFun, Verus’ website, and WalMart in Shine Gold, Satin Silver, Steel Silver (pictured), or Rose Gold.

Layered Dandy

The Layered Dandy was one of the hardest cases for me to review during this series. My issues come from the fact that I just don’t really like wallet cases. But, then I opened up the Layered Dandy and put it on my phone and almost instantly fell in love with it.

The biggest reason? How the PU Leather feels in my hand. The soft leather is simply a joy to hold and enhances my experience with my phone, much the way a leather wrapped steering wheel enhances driving. It’s not vital, but it just feels premium.

The phone is cradled in a TPU case attached to the leather and held closed with a magnetic clasp. Inside are three slots for credit cards or IDs and a money sleeve that’s hidden behind the slots.

The Layered Dandy is a folio case through and through. You’re going to have the same issues you normally would, like where to put the front cover while taking a picture, and the added bulk, but those are expected with a case like this. What stands out from the rest is how high quality this case is. As I mentioned, it feels fantastic in the hand and the stitching looks great. One-handed use was still as easy as ever.

You can pick up the Layered Dandy from Amazon, eBay, Verus’ website and Walmart in Black, Red or Coffee Brown.

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