The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an expensive phone, there is no way to get around that. As such it is only wise to want to protect your investment. Below you’ll find some great cases and one of the best screen protectors around to keep your new Galaxy Note 9 looking new.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rugged Protective Cover Case

I found the back of the Rugged Protective Cover Case didn’t offer a lot of grip but it does offer a lot of protection. The buttons were easy to find and click, and all the openings for ports were easily accessible. However, the true benefit of this case is the stand built into the back making it easy to prop up the Note 9 for taking photos or enjoying videos.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Clear View Standing Case

I don’t particularly like folio type cases but the Clear View case stood out to me in a big way. The front cover appears to be opaque yet allows you to view the always on display. This is a great way to be able to check the time and notifications without ever having to open the folio case.

While that was the most impressive part of this case it still had another trick up its sleeves. You can fold it out into a stand for watching videos or taking photos with the new S-Pen. All in all this is the most impressive folio case I’ve ever used. A drawback to using folio cases though is the volume and Bixby button are difficult to find unless you physically look at the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Silicone Cover Case

Out of all the cases I tried, the Silicone Cover was by far my favorite although I would have preferred it in another color such as the black one. The silicone used on this case was so soft and provided a fantastic grip when holding the phone. The buttons were easy to find and press and the cutouts left plenty of space. The only downside was it could stick in your pocket a little and pick up lint.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED Wallet Cover Case

While I don’t particularly like folio cases, I really wanted to love the LED Wallet case. The color looks great and the retro feel of the LED clock is super cool. Unfortunately, the clock doesn’t stay on all the time and the smell of this case was terrible. It had that new plastic smell and I could not tolerate it and had to remove the case. Even days later the smell remained and I couldn’t force myself to use it.

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UAG Plasma Series Galaxy Note 9 Case

Things to love about the Plasma Series of cases from Urban Armor Gear are the industrial sci-fi design, rubberized grip, and it meets military drop test standards. It was a really nice case that offered plenty of protection, but the one flaw was the buttons were not easy to find.

Due to the buttons being flush with the case and all of the texture throughout I could never tell when my fingers were actually on the buttons. Unfortunately, this had me bringing up Bixby when I wanted to adjust the volume and was quite annoying. Otherwise, it’s a unique looking case that offers great protection.

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UAG Plyo Series Galaxy Note 9 Case

Many of the same benefits of the Plasma series are present on the Plyo series from Urban Armor Gear. This includes meeting military drop-test standards, a protective lip for the front screen, and compatibility with Samsung Pay and fast wireless charging. I actually preferred the more simple design of this case. However, it is a pity it also shares some of the drawbacks such as buttons that are hard to discern through touch alone.

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Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

As Gorilla Glass has gotten stronger against cracks it has gotten weaker against scratches. For this reason, having a screen protector these days is essential on your phone. When it comes to a high-quality glass screen protector you can’t do much better than the Whitestone Dome Glass protector.

It is made to fit the curved screen of the Galaxy Note 9 without showing any colors along the edges. It uses a frame system allowing you to line up the protector perfectly and prevents bubbles during installation.

The only downsides are it can be a bit pricey, involves a pretty complicated install process, and the glue smells awful and takes days to dissipate. In fact even days later I could still smell the glue when the phone was close to my face.

Regardless, I’ve never felt a glass screen protector that felt as good as the original glass on the phone. It also did a great job of covering the curved edges and showed no signs of peeling days later.

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