Need more space on your Android phone or tablet?  Of course you do.  Even with the number of apps and services moving users to the cloud, nothing beats having a bunch of local storage for pictures, videos, games, and apps.  Assuming your Android device allows for microSD expansion, you’ll likely buy a card at some point or another.  Our advice?  Go big.  Real big.  But keep it affordable.

We’ve had the privilege of using Sandisks’ 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC card for the last few weeks and have seriously come to appreciate the peace of mind that comes with so much storage.  There’s nothing quite like opening your camera app to record 1080p HD video and seeing more than 15 hours of recording time available.

Thanks to its Class 6 rating, the Sandisk Ultra microSDXC card reads and writes at a very quick clip, never stuttering or slowing.  We’ve streamed movies on our phone (Epic 4G Touch), both on the handset’s display and out via MHL to a large TV.  No matter what we were running or doing, the HDMI experience was just as good as the in-hand.

A word of caution – not all devices can handle this type of card yet.  Tossed into a Motorola XOOM, the card didn’t work at all.  When passed around a few smartphones we saw that some of them wanted to recognize it, but couldn’t.  Doing a little bit of Googling we learned that a simple format of the card would fix things in most cases.

As most Android devices come with microSD and the memory technology improves over time we suspect you’ll see these becoming more popular.  Priced well under $100 it’s more storage than you’ll ever need.  Just kidding, we don’t make promises like that.

In all seriousness,  the $65 price tag is not bad at all and makes more sense than buying multiple 16GB and/or 32GB cards.  Plus, there’s only one to use/misplace.  And, thanks to the SD adapter, this guy will work in most digital cameras, DSLRs, and other devices.

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  1. what about the class 10 android specific micro sdxc card. people are only reviewing class 6, why not the class 10

  2. Yes I have ordered the 64gb class 10 card from amazon a couple of days ago during their sale. With the promo’s and coupon I had, the card cost me only 55 shipped.

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