Last week, I found myself at the park, it was only ten o’clock in the morning and my cellphone was at 20 percent battery life. I was at a beautiful location with horses, trees, and gorgeous wildlife. So of course I was using my phone to take pictures and performing one of my favorite hobbies, using Periscope.

Suddenly, I realized that I still had a long day ahead of me and I had no charger in my backpack. And, of course, there were no outlets accessible.  I vowed to myself that I would never again leave the house without some type of charging method. Thankfully, Satechi sent over a Portable Energy station for me to review.

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  • Aluminum Body
  • 2x 1A, 1 2.1A, 1x 2.4A
  • 4 USB Charging Ports
  • 2 Amp Output
  • LED Flashlight
  • 20,000mAh battery
  • 7.7×3.1x.8 inches
  • Automatic sleep after non-usage


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AndroidguysThe Satechi SX20 (20,000 mAh) was the first Satechi product that I have used and I was immediately impressed. Removing the portable energy station from its package I had a brief moment of apprehension: it looked so premium and the shiny aluminum appeared slippery.

The SX20 is aluminum all over except for on the top and bottom which are a smooth plastic. The battery indicator and flashlight power button also have the same white plastic. The SX20 feels great in hand with the textured aluminum and rounded sides that allow a good firm grip.

The front of the SX20 has an LCD battery indicator that goes to sleep automatically after a few seconds of non-usage.  Next to the LCD indicator is a power button that you can press to toggle the LED flashlight.

On the top of the device are 4 USB charging ports, two of which are 1A, one 2.1A, and one that is 2.4A. There is also a charging port and the previously mentioned LED flashlight.


At any moment might find I have 3-4 devices on hand, each of which is quickly consuming battery life. I really wanted to put the SX20 and couldn’t wait to do so.

AndroidguysUpon setting out to test it, I grabbed my camera bag along with a few items to charge: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 10.1, Pure Gear Selfie stick and hit the road.  After about four hours of usage, I connected all three devices to the SX20. The Satechi unit immediately dispersed power to all three devices. What I really liked about the SX20 is that while it was hot outside (98 degrees), the portable charging unit didn’t get hot at all.

While on the subject of charging I have to admit Samsung has spoiled me with its fast charging option. The SX20 charged my devices, but I did notice a considerable time difference those that do not have the quicker charging feature. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4  began was at 24 percent and took about roughly two hours to reach 88 percent charge. My Tab Pro 10.1 was at approximately 35 percent charge and reached 74 percent after about four hours.

I liked that when I took the SX20 out on location that it was a head turner. Multiple people inquired on what it was that I was using that was so shiny and cool looking.

The SX20 on my initial field test performed extremely well: it charged 3 different devices and I still had around 40 percent battery life of the SX20 to use.

What We Like

  • Premium design and build quality
  • Portable and light weight
  • Charge four different devices at once
  • LED flashlight

What We Didn’t Like

  • Taller than expected at about 7 inches
  • Reading digital battery indicator was pesky at times

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Being without a charging option is never a good thing, especially if you spend your day on the go. The SX20 is a beautifully designed charging station that is lightweight, rugged, portable and allows you to have enough power to charge an average cellphone 4-6 times.

The SX20 has an extremely reasonable price point for the power, performance, and premium quality it offers.  At only $40 (via Satechi) it’s definitely worth a recommendation.

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