If you are a follower of Androidguys, you know we review a lot of bluetooth speakers.  It is one of the most popular accessories for mobile devices that you can buy, and therein lies the problem. There are hundreds of speakers to choose from and the freedom to choose can be time intensive if you want to spend your money wisely.

I’ve used at least 10 different bluetooth speakers over the past couple of years, and I can say, if portability is your most important factor when buying a speaker, then this speaker is the one to buy. In general, many speakers are relatively small, but are simply too big to carry around on a regular basis.  If it can’t fit in your pocket, then it just isn’t that portable unless you want to throw the speaker in a backpack or purse wherever you go.  That’s where the Soen Audio Transit XS Ultra Slim speaker fits in.  When you think of “ultra slim” you tend to think of devices like the Macbook Air, Samsung Galaxy S6, or the Samsung Tab S.  Those devices are really thin.  If you think the Soen Audio Transit XS is going to be that thin, then think again.  Its thickness measures at 1 inch, which is not thin for a phone or a tablet, but it is really thin for a bluetooth speaker.  It isn’t quite the slimmest bluetooth speaker on the market, but it is thin enough to throw into a back pocket, and that is definitely portable if it can fit into pocket at a meager weight of only .6lb.  Compare that to the Bose Soundlink Mini at a hefty 1.5 pounds, and you’ll realize the Bose speaker needs to go on a diet.

Drivers(speakers) require space to drive sound and that is why it is hard to shrink bluetooth speakers.  For as small as the Soen Audio Transit speaker is, it doesn’t sacrifice on loudness or sound quality.  It isn’t as loud and it doesn’t have the detail of some of the larger speakers, but that is to be expected as this is a small device.  Surprisingly, the bass response is actually quite nice, and that is due to the patented Momentum Port on the side of the speaker that allows for that chamber to let the bass flow.  Soen takes pride in their revolutionary acoustic technologies and I see no fault in that as the speaker truly does deliver rich sound.

Given the small size, the Transit doesn’t have a ton of room for a large battery but it does support up to 8 hours of playback.  In my tests(not at all scientific) I averaged about 6-7 hours of use, but that is probably due to the fact that I play my music loud.  The battery life is respectable, but nothing to write home about.  Four mini LED lights show the battery level on the side of the speaker which is nice so you know when to recharge.  As with most portable speakers, Soen sticks with the micro-usb standard for charging so you won’t need to lug a proprietary charger around with you.

Another simple feature, yet highly important, is the easy-mount connector.  The Transit comes with a standard mount that attaches to 1/4″ camera mounts, which means you can use any standard mount that is used for photography.  There are tons of mounts that would allow you to strap this speaker to a bike, motorcycle, or even a tree for when you are outdoors.

Being that the Transit is designed for true portability, they coated the speaker with a protective rubber armor.  The feel of the rubber is very nice and provides plenty of grip.  The Transit comes in five colors, red, black, white, blue and purple, and can be had for $129.95.    I have no doubts this speaker will stand up to being dragged around with me due to the superior and thoughtful build quality.

Overall, for a speaker of this size, the Soen Transit XS is an incredible device if you are looking in the portable speaker category.  By portable, I mean it can be thrown into a pocket.  I have not heard a better performing speaker of this size, most in this size range sound tinny and distorted at higher volumes.  The Transit XS has full sound, including incredible bass response.  On top of great sound quality you get a well thought out build with the rubber coating and ability to mount this speaker to standard mounts.  The Transit comes in five colors, red, black, white, blue and purple, and can be had for $129.95.    I have no doubts that this speaker will stand up to being dragged around with me, due to the superior and thoughtful build quality.

I used the speaker for 6 weeks before writing this review.

You can purchase the Soen Transit-XS on Amazon.com or directly through Soen Audio.


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